It took FOREVER to open!

…but it’s finally HERE! Yes! Forever 21 is finally open in Queensbay Mall Penang. The launch of its maiden store in Penang is happening today, October 25 2007, and boy, was I glad I made the decision to swing by Queensbay Mall during lunch just now. For months, I had been seeing the big signboard promising “Forever 21 Opening Soon” and now it has finally become a reality.

It was a pity I had to rush back to work and could not step into the store for a look-see, but I did manage to sign up to be on their privileged customer list, and guess what, I was also given a free door gift, which was a set of mini makeup brushes.

I really can’t wait to visit the store as soon as possible. It looked like such a big store to shop in, and the temptation to step in was so great! I so love the clothes Forever 21 carries. Understated and chic, that’s why I love their clothes. Hmmm… I wonder if I can make time to drop by after work this evening….

My La Senza Catalog

When I first shopped at La Senza not too many moons ago, I was asked if I wanted to be on their mailing list. Thrilled with the gorgeous lingerie I had purchased then and also because I was an avid shopper and all, I could not resist this opportunity, and so provided them with my details.  Since that day, I have been receiving emails and SMSes about La Senza storewide promotions and exclusive discounts.

And then two days ago I received this in the mail:

It was a La Senza Fall 2007 catalog cum magazine, filled with pictures and pictures of the latest styles in lingerie, tops and innerwear. The magazine showcased the latest La Senza Precision Fit™ Bra, some of the hottest runway looks and a vast collection of the latest designs in bras, hence the catalog tagline: Spotlight on Bras.  

The last time I browsed through something like this was when I subscribed to the Victoria’s Secret mailing list in the States. Then, I would received periodic brochures and catalogs on the latest styles from that brand. What’s cool about the La Senza mag is that it came with a 15% discount voucher, which can be used against any purchase in the La Senza stores. I did note that the 15% discount voucher is valid only till the end of October though.

Being curious to find out what the Malaysian website of La Senza had to offer, I was disappointed that it contained not much information about the styles that were being sold in the stores. In fact, I was more intrigued with the wealth of information found in the international La Senza site.

Well, anyway, the mag also promised an upcoming La Senza privilege card called the Prestige Program, which I believe is a loyalty program that will entitle the holder to a 10% discount storewide, and who knows, perhaps birthday goodies as well? And knowing me, of course I intend to sign up for it when it becomes available.  It only makes sense because I love shopping for lingerie!

So, anyone wanna take a guess as to where I’ll be seen shopping this weekend?

Shoes for Less

Don’t get me wrong. I am still very much in love with a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s, or Stuart Weitzman’s or Jimmy Choo’s. And I would very much love to own a pair of shoes from all three, if possible. But sadly that remains a dream. Still.

However, if you, like me, are always on the hunt for affordably priced shoes that look stylish at the same time, look no farther than Bata. Yes, you heard me right. I recently discovered that Bata carries quite a pleasant selection of ladies’ shoes. Please don’t go to the dreary white school shoes section though. When you step into any Bata store, visit the section that carries all the ladies’ shoes. Look at this pair of pretty sandals I got at a steal at RM59.99. It’s versatile because it goes with anything; a pair of jeans, pencil skirts, shorts…. the possibilities are endless. And there’s plenty where this came from. I saw stilletos, mules and even formal pumps.

That’s not all. From now till Oct 31st, for any purchase worth RM50 and above, you will be given a voucher worth RM8 to be used on your next minimum purchase of RM50. Woohoo! That means I get to buy another pair of shoes!

How to make shopping a breeze

When I have a shopping trip planned, there are several items I remember to lug along. They help make for a more pleasant shopping trip, especially if I am shopping the entire day. So in view of the coming long Raya weekend, when I expect people to throng the malls like crazy, here is my personal list of:

Things NOT to Leave Home Without

  • Cellphone - this is a necessity because it helps you to communicate with the outside world. Also, I find it a useful item to have with you especially when you want to compare designs or prices of items found in shops at opposite ends of the mall. Just take a picture, and include the price of that item, and then refer to it when you see a similar looking one. Saved me a whole load of time on shopping.
  • Drinking water – make sure you have this handy in your bag, because it really helps to quench your thirst.
  • Shopping coupons and cards – try to plan ahead in advance and know what stores there are in the mall you are about to shop in. Make sure you have all the discount cards and coupons ready to be used at your disposal.
  • Credit card – to shop, what else? I find using a credit card so much more convenient than carrying wads of cash in my purse. Some self-control will have to be exercised here though, because a credit card means hardly ever running out of money to spend.
  • Tissue paper – for maintaning hygiene. For me, since I now shop with my baby, I also bring some wet tissue along.
  • Oh, and if you don’t like shopping alone, bring along a shopping buddy. If anything, it’s good company, and they could also help you carry your shopping loot! :D

Selamat Hari Raya everyone, happy holidays! And happy shopping!

Making Normal *Abnormal*

I was shopping for a gift in Royal Sporting House the other day. Yeah, the humongous sale signage attracted me. I have been often disappointed to find that the items that catch my fancy in stores are those that have a tag attached to them that says “Normal Price Merchandise“. Geez… I asked the sales personnel if there were any discounts storewide applicable if I paid using any credit cards or showed them any other shopping card that I had. You see, being the avid shopper that I am, I was determined to get that piece of “Normal Price Merchandise” I found, at a discounted price.

Well well, whaddya know… there was a way to do it. The sales person told me I could just send an SMS to obtain a discount code, which would entitle me to a 15% discount storewide on normal price items. Whooppeeeee! So I sent an SMS to 33665 with the message MY365 RSH. After approximately a 2-minute wait, I received an SMS with a code, gave the code to the cashier and I got my item for 15% off. Plain and simple. Apparently the code can only be used once per transaction, so if you have a ton of stuff to buy, it might be a good idea to buy them all at one shot.

I did a Google search for this offer, and found several other outlets offering discounts via this method too:
Royal Sporting House: Enjoy 15% off on total bill. SMS ‘my365 rsh’ to 33365.
Studio R: Enjoy 15% off on total bill. SMS ‘my365 studior’ to 33365.

Mind you, each discount code received via SMS costs RM1.50, so this is only advantageous if you know you will be saving MORE than RM1.50 using the discount.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect excuse to get that newly arrived Speedo swimsuit, or that long-coveted football jersey! :)