Missed out on that Stila!

See? This is what I get for being a procrastinator. Ever since Paris informed me about the free Stila makeup that I would get if I purchased USD25 or more as a new customer on StrawberryNET, I’ve been itching to get myself some Dermalogica products from that site. I’ve checked and rechecked and the prices for Dermalogica products in StrawberryNET are dirt cheap compared to the same products sold here in Malaysia. And today, when I finally made up my mind to order some stuff, I find out that the *while stocks last* Stila makeup is no longer in stock! Instead, new customers will now be given a FREE Max Factor Lip Gloss.

Not that I have anything against the lip gloss, but I was so looking forward to that Stila makeup thingy. Anyone knows which free gift would have been more worth it? Should I now be waiting for the next free gift to be offered before I place my order? Maybe they will have something more enticing for December?

Save Buckets here

Christmas shopping usually burns holes in our wallets and our pockets. And we can’t really help it because all the stores are screaming sales and promotions, enticing us with every single item available. It certainly will look like everything is on sale. This year, for a change, why not save a whole load of money by visiting this fantastic price comparison site instead? Here, you can specify your price range for the product of your choice and obtain a whole list of different brands to choose from. For example, if you are thinking of getting an mp3 player, there’s a whole lot of models to suit your fancy (and your wallet!).  Even if the product you want is not within your budget, you can also request to be informed by email when the product becomes available at your desired price! It’s really like an online auction here, and you call the shots!

Time for some self-pampering!

Having deprived myself of facials for close to three years, I decided that it was time to pamper myself again. I visited Aster Spring for a soothing aromatherapy facial which lasted about an hour and a half. Aster Spring is affiliated with the Leonard Drake Skin Care and Health Spa. Don’t ask me why they name themselves differently though. Well anyway, the facial included the compulsory face and shoulder massage (but of course!). Maybe it was because I had not felt relaxed in such a long time, or maybe it was because the facial itself was really good. I walked out feeling like a changed person, and received some Dermalogica product samples too, which were the products they used for the facial.

Well that was two weeks ago. Since then, I have been reading up a whole lot about Dermalogica products, and using them as well, albeit in samples. I have decided that the products are indeed great stuff. Besides, they appear like they suit my skin too! So last weekend, I decided to become a member of the Aster Spring skincare center. There were two different levels of membership available, but I chose to sign up for the Superior Passion, which I felt is more worthwhile, especially in the long run.

The Superior Passion membership costs RM1650, and comprises:

  • RM1300 worth of treatment vouchers (redeemable against facials and massages among others)
  • RM700 worth of product vouchers (redeemable against Dermalogica products, Averine cosmetics and Eve Taylor’s range of face essential oils)
  • RM500 worth of vouchers for light-heat-energy treatments
  • 1 welcome gift pack (depending on the month you join, the welcome gift pack varies in contents. I was given a large bottle of body hydrating cream and a small travel size tube of exfoliating body scrub)

As a member, I am also entitled to a discount of 5% off all products purchased and 5% off all facial treatments. As you can see, I am getting a value of more than RM2500 for the RM1650 I pay for the annual membership. Definitely a thumbs up package, coming from a kaki shopping herself! :)

Oh, that’s not all. You don’t need to pay the RM1650 all at once. If payment is done with a Citibank credit card, you can opt for the 0% interest-free installment plan in 3-monthly, 6-monthly or 12-monthly periods.

Reason enough for you to treat yourself to that facial yet? By the way, I don’t get any remuneration for promoting this membership package here, but if you’d like to try out a facial at any Aster Spring or Leonard Drake outlet in Malaysia, you can get it for 50% off if I refer you as a friend. Do drop me an email if you’re interested, yeah?

Mobile vouchers you can use

For a worthwhile shopping experience, you might want to check out Mystyle. There is a host of mobile vouchers available that you can use to your advantage while shopping. I made use of one of the vouchers once before, but I did not know that that was just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many other voucher categories available. The one I used most recently entitled me to a RM200 facial service voucher at Aster Spring when I purchased RM200 worth of Dermalogica products. Either way you look at it, every cent of it is well spent!


My111: Buy RM200 worth of skincare products & GET RM200 worth of service voucher**.
Sms ‘my111 dermalogica’ to 33365.

Here’s a random pick of the other special discounts and promotions you can get:

New Zealand Natural

My111: Buy 1 FREE 1 on ice cream (same or lower value).
SMS ‘my111 newzealandnatural’ to 33365.


My111: 20% off total bill except alcoholic beverages. Not valid on weekends, eve of public holidays and on public holidays.
Sms ‘my111 marche’ to 33365.


My111: Buy 1 necklace FREE 1 matching earrings (pre-selected range).
Sms ‘my111 axxezz’ to 33365.


My111: Buy 1 FREE 1 ¼ chicken with 2 sidelines. (Monday – Sunday). (Only 1 redemption per table, per group).
Sms ‘my111 nandos’ to 33365.

My365: FREE bottomless soft drink with any chicken meal order.
Sms ‘my365 nandos’ to 33365.

Do bear in mind that each SMS received is chargeable though. So do consider if the savings are worth more than the price of the SMS before you send it.

Hack Amazon and save money

One of my favorite online stores to shop at is Amazon.com. When I first heard of Amazon, I equated the site to just books, but by and by I discovered that they carry so much more. Why, I recently purchased some Baby Einstein DVDs for Ethan a couple of months back and I made sure I qualified for the Free Super Saver Shipping in the process. Hence the price I paid was just nett, without taxes, without shipping.

Today I learnt about a site that would further endear me to shop at Amazon.com, because it provides means for the potential buyer to save money, or in IT terms, *hack* the Amazon site to your advantage :)

The Amazon coupon code list
Every shopper on Amazon.com should have this list handy at all times. Armed with this, one can utilize tons of amazing Amazon coupon codes, ranging from books and sports products to baby needs and even technological gadgets.

The secret Amazon discount & bargain finder
Beat the system and find all the Secret Amazon discounts here! With this awesome tool, you can even narrow your search to all products which are more than 50% off, and categorize them according to your preference! This is definitely THE place to go to stretch your money to its fullest!

Amazon gift certificates
At this link, you can be privy to a list of discount gift certificates and gift cards, perfect for times when you don’t know exactly what to get that special someone. A discount Amazon gift certificate ensures that the receiver will be able to shop for something they really want themselves.

Great deals to shop at a great online store. Nothing can beat that.