Little fingers do the talking

We use hand gestures all the time, but what we might not realize is that babies take to hand gestures and signing naturally too! Baby signing is a delightful experience for both the parent and the baby, because before baby can speak, baby signing paves the way for communication between a baby and his caregiver. But if you don’t know where to start looking for resources on baby signing, look no further than Baby Signs Malaysia.

Here, you will be able to find all you need to know about baby signing, including baby signing products and kits, and also workshops & classes. In addition, if you have ever dreamt of being your own boss and starting a home-based business, perhaps you could consider getting yourself certified as an Independent Certified Instructor! It certainly looks like a pretty rewarding career!

Oh, by the way, today is the last day to purchase the My First Spoken Words book series and the I Can Sign! series, at a special introductory price.

My First Spoken Words books complement signing and make it easy for babies to learn to speak their first words. When babies open each page, they will hear words and sounds that help them learn to say their very own first words.

My First Spoken Words: Animals
(Introductory Offer: RM50, Normal Price: RM70)
My First Spoken Words: Babies
(Introductory Offer: RM50, Normal Price: RM70)
I Can Sign! is an interactive lift-the-flap book and DVD work together to provide your baby with multiple examples of each sign for faster learning.

 I Can Sign! Animals
(Introductory Offer: RM40, Normal Price:
I Can Sign! Playtime
(Introductory Offer: RM40, Normal Price: RM60)

One particular kit that caught my eye though was the Potty Training Kit. Ethan might be ready for potty training anytime now, so this might be the perfect tool for us to use. Check it out: it’s got all sorts of knick-knacks to make potty training an enjoyable experience. Which is what it should be, anyway.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that from now till April 30th 2008, you can obtain a RM20 discount if you register for the Parent Workshop. The regular fee for this workshop is RM250 per person, and it will provide you with the nitty-gritty on how to get started on baby signing. In addition, all participants will receive a Baby Signs Parent Kit worth RM180. So remember, all you need to do is to key in the discount code which is PP0208 upon registration, and you only need pay RM230.

Fantastic Fantasy Designs at Chicwear

Here’s more sexy and lacy lingerie to whet your appetite. Chicwear has launched several new designs from its Fantasy range. From babydolls to teddies to bustiers and garters, you can be sure you will find something that will appeal to you. Check out the promotion section too, for discounts of up to RM70 on selected lingerie! This is an extension of the previous Valentine promotion. You sure won’t want to miss out on this!

Self-publishing a book

An old friend of mine recently read my blog and suggested I ought to have taken up journalism. Actually I have been giving that some thought too, and hey, maybe I should start writing a book even…on parenting, on motherhood, on breastfeeding, about myself…or maybe, about shopping! With the awesome technology available nowadays, I can also opt to Self Publish my book. How’s that for convenience?

The Sale at Ikea

Boohoohoo… I am gonna miss out on the Ikea sale which starts in just TWO days!  Nevertheless, I did manage to get myself some goodies from Ikea when I was shopping there last weekend.  It’s amazing how I never manage to come out of Ikea empty-handed.  Love the Ikea Samla storage boxes…hubby says they are to be used for all my STUFF. :P

Got ourselves two new bathroom mats too…would have gotten more stuff had we not had the constraints of carting them home. 

I have to say this though…shopping in Ikea on a Monday is a BREEZE!  There was practically no one around, and the aisles were so easy to navigate through.  I bet it will be a totally different scenario come this Thursday!

JCard Privilege Shopping Week 22 Feb – 2 Mar 2008

Yeah, that’s what I think they should have called it.  The JCard Privilege Shopping Day is back in Jaya Jusco, and now it is not just a single day that JCard members can enjoy special discounts at Jaya Jusco, anytime your JCard is flashed during that period, you will get 5% off all supermarket items and 15% off all departmental store items (terms and conditions apply, of course).

I was out doing my regular grocery shopping last Friday, and was pleasantly surprised when everything I bought was taken 5% off its price.  Jusco has done away with the piece of paper that entitled shoppers to enjoy the *privilege* only in a single day, and instead is giving us a week and more to feel privileged.  Way to go, Jaya Jusco!