I live to tell

I am a firm believer of trying everything at least once in my life…well, good things only, okay? So it was with much trepidation that I made my first purchase for cloth menstrual pads and tried them on. I chose a day when I was working from home to try it for the first time. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

The verdict? Well, I’ll have to say that I was amazed at how cool and comfortable it felt. The first one I tried was Homemade Mama‘s Minkee pads. This one comes with soft minky tie-dye look interior and a waterproof backing so the moisture doesn’t seep right through. The surface feels something like velvet and you know how smooth velvet feels, yes? In fact, it was so extremely comfy that I totally forgot about it, resulting in a slight leakage about 5 hours later! Not really the pad’s fault…

Photo credits: Lunapads

Well, the second one I tried was one of the famous Lunapads with add-on liner. I was rather disappointed with this one though, because despite it being famous and all, it’s not a good pad for heavy flow days. Also, the inner surface of the pad pills a little, resulting in black fur balls (the inner surface is black, you see). Nevertheless, the Lunapad does look cool…I have the Leopard print one :)

Photo credits: Mia Bambina

The final pad I experimented on was the Endura pad, also from Homemade Mama, which was recommended by my friend as a good overnight pad. This one I give two thumbs up, for being comfortable and absorbent enough to last through the night. The inner surface is constructed of athletic performance fabric that has the ability to wick moisture away from the body, making it the perfect pad for women on the go and for use when playing sports. My only grouse is the boring color it comes in…maybe cos I am not much of a pink lover anyway…well, it did serve its purpose.

Having tried cloth pads, I must say that they do feel super comfy on the skin. Unlike disposables where it gets hotter and hotter, cloth pads actually make you feel cool the whole time! Must. Remember. To. Change. Them. Though.

Next, the question you’ve all been waiting for….what about washing the pads? It may seem gross at first but amazingly, it’s really simple. Just dunk the used pad into a pail with a little soap powder and soak for a few hours. No scrubbing needed. Some girls soak overnight but since I had only three pads, I soaked it for a few hours only (soaking gets rid of stains real easy). Then pour away the water of the first soaking, and soak a second time. You may hand-wash the pad this time if you want. After the 2nd soak and rinse, you can either line-dry or throw it into the washing machine for a wash. They dry super fast too!

I would definitely use cloth pads from now on. They’ re not as inconvenient as you think, and well…if you wanna go swimming, there is always the Mooncup! He he…but that’s a whole new experience altogether…. So if curiosity begets you, why not make the change and go green! You will certainly love it!

Here’s where to get your cloth menstrual pads in Malaysia:

2 Responses to “I live to tell”

  1. iamthewitch Says:

    Hmm the washing part is a little bit of a hassle though, I thought you could just scrub with soap and water and that’s it. Soaking is not very convenient especially for girls who share an apartment and share a toilet you see. Plus how do you keep the used pads when you change it outside of your home? Keeping in the bag would definitely emit some kind of smell… Anyway, glad to know that you had a great experience with it though. :)

    The Giddy Tigress says: Some recommendations for girls who share apartments with others is to soak it in a pail and cover the pail, if necessary. As for use when outdoors, they have these really pretty waterproof bags with 2 compartments, one for clean pads and one for used ones. Surprisingly, the smell is not as funky as you would think, compared to the ones from dispos. In any case, if you really really feel it is inconvenient, but still want to go green, you can opt for the Mooncup, which is the healthier and greener alternative to the tampon.

  2. zoora Says:

    hi there.. i am about to try out cloth pads.. ur entry did helps a lot..

    The Giddy Tigress says: You are most welcome! It never hurts to try, and I am sure you will not regret doing so.