Wanna be a star?

If you have ever drooled over the cute and adorable designs of Starbunz diapers and wished you could have easier access to them than ordering from the States, worry no more cuz the Starbunz gang has finally landed on our very own Malaysian shores! Fem Choices, or to-be-rebranded as Tiny Tapir, has brought in these lovely cloth diapers, in both pockets as well as All-in-Ones. These diapers are perfect for the heavy wetter, and your bub will never look more adorable in them!

My favorite is probably the brown doggie with the flappy ears. Since my boy is born in the year of the dog, I think he would look so cute in it! A little birdie told me that Tiny Tapir will be bringing in the Starbunz in cow design soon. Makes a good addition to the newborn diaper stash if you’re expecting a baby next year, eh…i.e. year of the ox/cow?

Wanna try your luck at winning one of these cutesy diapers, for your kid or perhaps as a gift for someone? Visit the DiapersAsia Forum for more details. Hurry! The contest runs till April 15 2008.

All pictures credited to Starbunz

2 Responses to “Wanna be a star?”

  1. denna Says:

    congrats on the win..very cute la the diaper

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thanks Denna! I can’t wait to put it on my son!

  2. Ethan Boy · iHappy … iGlad … iWon!!! Says:

    [...] got it FREE!!!! I won a lucky draw contest at the DiapersAsia forum and the prize is one gorgeous Starbunz AIO diaper. There were so many adorable designs to choose from, I had a hard time selecting just one. Finally, [...]