Treating little feet with tender love

At my age, I am constantly in the need for buying baby shower gifts. It’s either that or birthday presents for kids/toddlers I know. That’s cos a lot of my relatives, friends and acquaintances are … shall I say … in the zone? And me, being the perfectionist that I am, will always crack my head trying to think of the perfect gift for that special little boy or girl. Something that is useful, practical and yet worth ooohing and aaahing over.

Just when I think I have exhausted all my options, I will stumble upon beautiful and unique personalized baby gifts. I love buying gifts for babies, and it is really a challenge to get one that the parents never thought of. For example, all babies and toddlers will need shoes, some at least a few pairs. Kids do outgrow shoes really quickly, but there is no harm in pampering those tiny little feet while you’re at it. So shoes are an excellent gift. But to make your gift stand out, why not choose personalized baby shoes? Nothing beats the authenticity of a pair of adorable baby shoes with the baby’s name embossed on the side. In fact, you could even choose to have a wonderful saying printed on the shoe too! With embossed baby shoes, you can decorate them with pretty flowers or hearts, or if it was to be presented to a baby boy, then maybe a motif of a football or basketball? The options are endless, and the gift is bound to be something people will talk about for a long time. The parents might even consider framing up that pair of shoes!

Revlon Renewist Lip Color Giveaway!

I’m in need of a lipstick right now. More accurately, I am looking for something that can double up as a lipstick, lipgloss and yet provide me the moisture I need for my somewhat dry lips. After reading the review for the Revlon Renewist Lip Color, I think this is one lipstick I ought to check out, not so much for the lipstick in itself, but more so for the ProCollagen Moisture Core, which is touted to boost moisture by up to 80%. Sounds interesting enough.

Here’s a close-up shot of the core which I took from My Women Stuff:

However, I’m not gonna run out and buy myself one of these lipsticks just yet. Well, not until the results of this giveaway is announced anyway. My Women Stuff is having a giveaway for 1 Revlon Renewist Lip Colour lipstick (color: Naturally Revealing) and 1 Colorstay lip pencil. To see the exact shade of the Naturally Revealing color, please visit the Revlon site.

Quick, go check out the details and submit your entry by 12 noon on Thursday 22 May 2008.

Eliminate stress fast and easy!

With the high demands of work nowadays coupled with the need to balance one’s personal life, it really isn’t surprising that most working adults inevitably fall into the vicious stress cycle. This results in irritability, impatience, intolerance and of course, insomnia. While some people have tried everything from playing with stress balls, drinking chamomile tea or listening to music and thankfully some have succeeded in combating stress, some other not so fortunate ones have not found the cure, and thus, have to wallow in stress day in and day out, amounting to a rather unhealthy lifestyle.

Perhaps these people ought to give the StessEraser a shot. The Stresseraser utilizes the easiest method possible to counter stress: Deep breathing. And by just spending 10 minutes a day focusing on your breathing and making yourself aware of how your breathing changes, the Stress Eraser claims to control and eliminate stress in no time at all! In fact, there is even a 30 day guarantee when you purchase this product at the retail price of $299 (shipping is FREE by the way). In this sense, if you are not satisfied with the results you are seeing, simply return the product for a 100% money-back guarantee!

Gap 1 Utama Giveaway – 14 May 2008

You folks in the Klang Valley are so so lucky! How I envy you!
Not only are you guys privy to all the coolest factory outlet sales, I just found out that tomorrow, May 14 2008, there will be a one-day Gap giveaway happening at 1 Utama.

If you are one of the first 50 customers, you will be entitled to either one of the following:

  • A RM30 shopping voucher with a minimum purchase of RM50 in a single receipt (which isn’t very difficult to attain when shopping at The Gap)
  • A Gap t-shirt worth RM99 with a minimum purchase of RM120 in a single receipt (tip: Gap has cool dresses in this price range)

How I wish I had the power to teleport myself to 1-U tomorrow!

Mother’s Day giveaway from Baby Hope

I’m hoping and praying that I win this Crabtree & Evelyn giveaway from Baby Hope.  Every purchase made from April 27 2008 to May 10 2008 qualifies as an entry for the lucky draw.  The winner will walk away with Summer Hill, The Essentials Purse by Crabtree & Evelyn.

This fantastic gift includes:

Triple Milled Soap (3.5oz.)
Hand Therapy Shea Hand Cream (3.4 fl. oz.)
Body Lotion (3.4 fl. oz.)
Bath & Shower Gel (3.4 fl. oz.)

And no, in case you were wondering, I didn’t buy diapers for Ethan this time round, although I was tempted.  Actually I bought a wetbag (it’s and all-day sized one, since I don’t have one in that size) and also a Homemade Mama organic menstrual pad.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that for a limited time only, there’s a discount of 5% off your total purchase at Baby Hope’s Cloth Diapers, just by keying in the code thanksmom?

*patiently waits for draw results *