A Sumptuous Exchange

Tell me who can resist a free gift?

Well, okay it isn’t exactly free, but it’s a rather good deal.

You see, Estee Lauder has recently introduced its new mascara called Sumptuous.  This is a mascara that promises to add volume to the lashes.

Consumers are of course welcome to try this new mascara (retailing at RM85).  However, why not take full advantage of this sumptuous exchange by Estee Lauder?  Just bring along any of your old mascaras (even if it’s an empty tube, it doesn’t matter), and hurry along to the nearest Estee Lauder counter.  And simply exchange it for a deluxe size Sumptuous mascara worth RM43.  It’s not the full-sized one, mind you, but since mascara has a shelf-life of 3 months from the time it is opened, this would be sufficient.  The full-sized one is a gold tube, whereas the deluxe one is a dark blue tube.


Coincidentally, I had an old Clinique mascara that I had procrastinated in throwing out.  So I brought that along and exchanged it for a Sumptuous mascara.  I only had to fill out a short particulars form and I walked away with the new Sumptuous mascara!

Ain’t that a sumptuous deal indeed?

Hurry!  Go get yours whilst stocks lasts!

Putting Memories on a Blankie

Digital cameras have certainly changed the way photography is viewed. With the advent of digital cameras, more and more people have millions of digital photos stashed away somewhere in their hard drives or external storage devices. The photos hardly ever see daylight unless they are printed out or published in websites or blogs. Photos of babies, birthdays, graduations, weddings and corporate events all hold memories that are dear to the owner.

Why not put these beautiful digital memories into good use by creating a Photo Blanket out of them? A Personalized Photo Blanket is a useful gift to present someone with and it will definitely be heartwarming to know that the recipient is hugging all those precious memories to sleep every night. With the different sizes of photo blankets available too, you can choose to have one photo or up to sixteen individual photos printed on the blanket, to create a wonderful collage.

Great Christmas gift idea? You bet!

Check out my Designer Reusable Bag!

I have been using the Envirosax for a couple of months now, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them! I was blessed to have won 2 of these shopping bags in a giveaway organized by Tiny Tapir a few months back, you see, and nowadays, I find every chance I can to use the bags when I go shopping.

For one, they are incredibly trendy. I have one in an orange hue and another one in a monochromatic black and white, so these pretty much allow me to effortlessly mix and match the bags with my outfits :) It really thrills me to no end when I tell the cashier, “No thanks, I don’t need a plastic bag for that,” and then I whip out my Envirosax and place my purchase in it.

Secondly, I love the extremely comfortable drop offered by the handles of the Envirosax. This really allows me to sling the bag over my shoulder, as opposed to lugging plastic bags with my fingers.

Well, I do admit that sometimes I do accept a few of the plastic bags that the supermarket packs the stuff I buy in, but more so because I want to separate the wet food items from the non-food items. For example, if I bought some fish and also some washing detergent, I would then separate my purchases and place them all into one Envirosax.

Another thing I love about the Envirosax is that they are mighty durable. And if they ever get soiled, I can easily just wipe or rinse them out with water. Also, it’s handy to carry one around in my handbag at all times because the design of the bag makes it so easy to fold and store in a compact manner.

I’m glad I am going green by using these reusable bags, because I know that I am contributing to a greener environment in my own personal way. And you know what? You can, too!

Here’s where you can get your hands on your own stylish reusable shopping bag, and believe me, there are other brands and designs to get you hooked too. Check them out here!

Photo credits: Envirosax

Secrets of Custom Decorating

If you recently purchased a home of your own, and have recently completed the basic renovations in it, the next step would be the most exciting one. Decorating one’s home in a style that reflects your personality is an interesting experience, and one which will result in a comfortable livable home.

One of the most time-consuming tasks is the selection of window decorations, or as some would call it window treatments. Drapes, curtains, and blinds lend a style of their own when paired with different kinds of windows for different rooms. I remember my hubby and I made countless trips to our fabric consultant to select the fabrics for our curtains and blinds and then to finalize the designs. This was not even inclusive of the fitting appointments we made with the consultant.

Of course, that was way before we heard of this fantastic DIY home decorating concept, offered by FabricWorkroom.com. Here, all selections for interior design can be done online without the hassle of traffic jams and travel expenses. They even ship for free, with no sales tax (except in CT). Is it any wonder that consumers have embraced this concept? This is definitely THE place to shop for fabric, with all the perks included.