Shopping at Mitsuwa Marketplace

I have been searching for a good place to get a nice bento set for my hubby.  Something along the lines of a black, grey or dark blue hue, which can hold enough food for an adult.  Most of the items on eBay are overpriced and I was not willing to pay the amount PLUS the shipping fee too.


Then I found a Bento Gear shopping guide which told me that a place called Mitsuwa sold some nice boxes for about USD15, so I thought of giving it a try.  Mitsuwa Marketplace is one of the Japanese specialty stores we have in the Bay Area.  As I was looking round the Mitsuwa website, I found out that the store I intended to visit was having an “All 20% off” promotion on November 20-21 2008! 


So yesterday morning saw me arrive there nice and early at 9:00a.m., only to find out that the store had already opened its doors at 8:00a.m. because of the promotional campaign.  There were so many people inside the store, I could not believe it.  Everything was on discount, and these people were not going to let this opportunity slip past them.

As for bento boxes, there were only a few in the selection, but they were really good quality ones, and I managed to get two, one for hubby and one for myself.  Both were at 20% off, of course! :)

Because of the promotion, there were long queues at every counter.  I had to wait a good 20 minutes before it was my turn.  But it was completely worth it.  I’ve signed up for the weekly mailer, so I’d know when the next sale would be too.

(All images courtesy of Mitsuwa)

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