Avent BPA-free bottles

When I first read about Bisphenol A (BPA) being present in baby milk bottles, I was naturally concerned because I was using Avent milk bottles to feed my son, which were not listed as one of the BPA-free bottles.  I tried looking for an alternative but the ones that were available had too many parts in the bottle, and some other brands were only available in the US.  Plus, I was not sure if my son would like a change in bottles, if I were to make that change.

Since then, I know that Avent has been inundated with queries from customers and the media about making their products BPA-free, and now, I am glad that Avent  has finally introduced its line of BPA-free bottles.  I found that out recently and of course, I placed an immediate order for these new BPA-free bottles.

The bottles look exactly like its non-BPA-free predecessors, and come in 4 oz and 9 oz sizes.  Priced at $9.99 per bottle and $18.99 per pack of 2 bottles, they are considerably more expensive than the non-BPA-free bottles, but it’s the price we parents pay for peace of mind.  There is no price difference between the 4 oz and the 9 oz bottles though, and till now, I do not know why.

The BPA-free bottles come with a slow flow nipple (No. 2) on each bottle and have a natural yellowish, brownish tint to it, so don’t mistake this for the bottle being unhygienic.

See the difference between the bottles?  The one on the left is the old non-BPA-free bottles, and the one on the right is the BPA-free one.

Avent has certainly done the right thing with the introduction of these bottles, and many moms out there will be thankful for it. I believe the older bottles would be phasing out soon to make way for these new ones.

In addition to BPA-free milk bottles, Avent has also introduced the BPA-free ISIS breast pump to complete the picture.

Avent BPA-free products can be purchased online or from stores.  I got mine from drugstore.com.

2 Responses to “Avent BPA-free bottles”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hiya! Interesting site. Anyway, drugstore.com doesnt appear to ship to Malaysia so how did you get them to ship them to you. Are you even located in Malaysia?

    As for your blog on Nanipoo Diapers – are they suitable for tropical climate? (I’m assuming you’re located in malaysia for this question!)

    The Giddy Tigress says: If I am not mistaken, they do ship internationally now, even to Malaysia, but the shipping charges might be expensive. I am from Malaysia but currently relocated to the US for a few months.

    Nanipoo Diapers – sure, they are suitable to be used in tropical countries like Malaysia. I have used them before when I was in Malaysia.

  2. Concern Father Says:

    Avent BPA Free bottles are now available in Subang Parade ina new babay shop next to ToyRUs – cannot remember the name and cost is about 2x the old type ones.