Are you loving minerals yet?

Because I had such a great experience with mineral makeup recently, I am so hyped up to try more!  Call it greediness if you must…. hahaha.

So I was VERY pleased when I discovered My Women Stuff together with Loving Minerals is currently running a giveaway for a RM120 cash voucher redeemable for products from Loving Minerals! 

Oooh…RM120 would definitely get me some mega-cool mineral makeup! :)

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I already have my eyes set on Lumiere’s Cashmere Light Medium – Neutral foundation, simply because I am curious to find out what exactly Cashmere pure silk based foundation really would look like on my face.  Just the very description of it is thrilling to my ears :)

I’d also probably redeem the Lumiere Flawless Finishing Powder to complete my look with that subtle glow!

Go on…go check out the giveaway right now.  Me – I can’t wait for the results to be announced! :)

Shopping at


I was in a quandary just four days ago on Monday, when I realized that my stock of disposable diapers was running dangerously low.  Oh pleae don’t get me wrong…I am still an advocate for going green with cloth diapers, but for now, when my little baby is also known as the pooping machine, I am using disposables through the night and ONLY through the night.  It just makes diaper duty so much easier in my semi-awake state, you know what I mean?

Anyway, as I was saying…I had to get those diapers really quick, and that’s when I stumbled on  They were offering fast FREE premium shipping for orders above USD49, and when I read further, that meant FREE 2-day shipping! 

I promptly placed my order on Monday at about 3:30p.m. and when I checked the status of my order half an hour later, it had been updated to SHIPPED.  Wow, that was fast.  And the UPS site that contained the tracking info informed me that I would be receiving the package the very next day itself.

True enough, at about 7:45p.m. the next day, the UPS guy rang my door bell and delivered a huge box marked with  Exceptional.

In addition to the fast delivery, I was also given a free gift for being a first-time purchaser.  The free gift was a baby organizer; a journal where I could put pictures and chart baby’s milestones.  And there was also a Welcome kit included complete with coupons for future purchases.  In the Welcome booklet/kit, I found out that was co-founded by two dads, and knowing how most guys do not like the physical act of shopping, they started a site to make shopping for baby that much easier!

Well, I, for one, am a very satisfied new customer!!  And my satisfaction translates to yours!  You see, if you place an order with and enter my referral code JXYC7163, you will get USD10 off your first order!  And that is on top of the free shipping I mentioned earlier. Definitely a great site with exceptional service!

Review: Eve Organics Mineral Foundation

A few weeks ago, I received a sample of Eve Organics Mineral Foundation.  Don’t laugh, but I have NEVER before used mineral makeup, and hence I was curious as to what the hooha was all about.

The Eve Organics Mineral Foundation is in powder form, and I chose the Medium Golden Foundation – 04, because it was the hue that was recommended for those with warm yellow undertones.

The first time I tried it, I used a brush … and well, I wasn’t used to brushing powder foundation on my face.  It looked slightly cakey at first because the powder particles were all over the place and did not give a smooth finish on my face.  In addition, the color looked a little too dark for me.  In any case, I managed to tone the color down a tad, and used my face powder to complete the look.  Surprisingly, the end result was a smooth and very clean look.  However, I wasn’t really that impressed with how the powder fell all over my blouse and dressing table!

Then a few days later, I saw this tip on the Eve Organics Blog: it was a video on how to mix your own liquid foundation, and it was especially targeted at people like me, who are used to using liquid foundation!  The video was VERY concise and the instructions were very easy to follow.  I immediately wanted to try it out!

… which was just what I did.

And you know what?!  I LOVE the results!

Not only did this prevent my dressing table from getting specks of powder all over, I ended up with a foundation that was easy to apply and looked great on me!

On the Eve Organics site, it is stated that “a little goes a long way” with their mineral foundation and I would have to agree.  The mixture of the foundation and moisturizer worked like a charm!  In fact, I have a feeling my 9g mineral foundation will last me ages!

Eve Organics foundations retail for USD24.95 per tub of 9g.  They also have a Mineral Makeup Starter Set consisting of foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss, retailing for USD49.95 per set.

Nanipoo Diapers


I had heard so many good reviews on Nanipoo’s newborn diapers, so much so that when I knew I would be expecting a baby girl, I immediately contacted the owner of Nanipoo Diapers to place my order.  I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers for my baby girl and Nanipoo diapers are way too cute to resist.

Because of the many designs available, I was spoilt for choice, but in the end, I ordered a few newborn and small-sized diapers.  The newborn diapers are front-snapping with a sort of U-shaped front to allow space for the newborn baby’s umbilical cord stump.  I thought that was pretty neat and thoughtful.  The small-sized diapers are side-snapping.

I am blown away by the excellent quality of the diapers too, and the materials used are of top notch quality.  The owner of Nanipoo Diapers is a joy to work with and that certainly helps with the customer experience.

So nowadays, I am washing these Nanipoo cloth diapers daily.  I put them on my baby girl in the daytime, and I am pleased to note that these diapers are simply fantastic!  Although they are fitted diapers and they do require a cover, I make do without one, simply because I just love the prints on them.  I do need to change my baby every so often, but I am not complaining.  The diapers are able to contain the mess and are so soft to the touch too!

I know I will be sorry when my newborn grows out of these cute diapers!

Nanipoo newborn diapers are sold at $8.50 each, and other sizes are available too, at different prices.  Shipping is available worldwide.

These diapers will definitely make your little one look awesomely cute!

Take it from the Web Hosting Geeks!

A friend of mine was recently interested in setting up a website of her own.  She wanted to know how to find the right web host to suit her needs.

I gave her a detailed account of what to look for and some recommendations of my own, but on hindsight, I think I should have just directed her to this very informative web hosting site.  I love it because on the welcome page itself, we can see the Top 10 best web hosts for 2009 at a glance.  There is also a summary provided in tabular manner for easy reference.

And for those who want to learn the ropes of web hosting, trends and products, there is a ton of information handy in their blog too! I found out some interesting information about domain name registration myself! :)