Review: Eve Organics Mineral Foundation

A few weeks ago, I received a sample of Eve Organics Mineral Foundation.  Don’t laugh, but I have NEVER before used mineral makeup, and hence I was curious as to what the hooha was all about.

The Eve Organics Mineral Foundation is in powder form, and I chose the Medium Golden Foundation – 04, because it was the hue that was recommended for those with warm yellow undertones.

The first time I tried it, I used a brush … and well, I wasn’t used to brushing powder foundation on my face.  It looked slightly cakey at first because the powder particles were all over the place and did not give a smooth finish on my face.  In addition, the color looked a little too dark for me.  In any case, I managed to tone the color down a tad, and used my face powder to complete the look.  Surprisingly, the end result was a smooth and very clean look.  However, I wasn’t really that impressed with how the powder fell all over my blouse and dressing table!

Then a few days later, I saw this tip on the Eve Organics Blog: it was a video on how to mix your own liquid foundation, and it was especially targeted at people like me, who are used to using liquid foundation!  The video was VERY concise and the instructions were very easy to follow.  I immediately wanted to try it out!

… which was just what I did.

And you know what?!  I LOVE the results!

Not only did this prevent my dressing table from getting specks of powder all over, I ended up with a foundation that was easy to apply and looked great on me!

On the Eve Organics site, it is stated that “a little goes a long way” with their mineral foundation and I would have to agree.  The mixture of the foundation and moisturizer worked like a charm!  In fact, I have a feeling my 9g mineral foundation will last me ages!

Eve Organics foundations retail for USD24.95 per tub of 9g.  They also have a Mineral Makeup Starter Set consisting of foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss, retailing for USD49.95 per set.

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