Locked for words


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If you’re like me and have trouble remembering the number combination for your locks, then Wordlock is for you.  When I read about it on Parent Reviewers, I thought to myself, “Hey, what a nifty tool!” 

With Wordlock, instead of setting numbers as a combination to your locks, we use words instead.  I don’t know about you but I’m far better at remembering words than I am with numbers.  To suit your everyday needs, Wordlock produces padlocks, bike locks, luggage locks and cable locks, and prices range between $9.99 to $19.99.  Not too expensive for such a useful tool, huh?

And now, if you’d like to score yourself a padlock and a bike lock, head on over to Parent Reviewers.  The dateline for this giveaway is May 5 2009.

Bravo for Bravado!

My hubby commented that I am now a pro at breastfeeding in public.  When I was a first-time breastfeeding mommy with my firstborn son, I had to use the nursing coverall each time I breastfed in public.  It was either the coverall, or I would have to look for the nearest nursing room, just so I could get some privacy.

With my daughter this time, however, I have breastfed in public in malls, and more often than not, in restaurants, while eating.  That’s multi-tasking at a new level for ya!

True, the second time around makes it easier for me, but I have to give some credit to the nursing apparel I am sporting nowadays too!  Breastfeeding in public has never been easier with the Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Top!


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And here’s why:

  • The bra clasps are one-of-a-kind, making it really easy to unclasp and clasp after breastfeeding.  I can easily do it with one hand, and trust me, this is a great feature that is essential in every nursing top.
  • Because it is a nursing bra top, it obviously comes with a bra in it, and it’s a molded, seamless bra…so I don’t need to wear a separate bra under it.  Some nursing tops claim to come with a built-in bra, but I find that I have had to wear a bra anyways, because of the poor support.  Not with this Bravado Nursing tank, though.  I love to wear just the tank and then layer a sweater over it, so when I nurse in public, it’s totally discreet!
  • The material used for this tank is superb.  It’s made from cotton/spandex fabric that clings wonderfully to the body.  And I love how it contours the shape too.  I now own 3 tank tops which I was wearing all through pregnancy and now when I am breastfeeding.  The tank top does not look at all like a nursing top too!
  • I also love the length of this top, which falls at the hip.  It hides a multitude of sins, especially since I am still carrying some excess fat from pregnancy!
  • Lastly, the tank is available in so many delicious colors, it’s taking me every bit of control to not splurge on a few more!

This Bravado Essential Nursing top is truly an essential in any pregnant/nursing mom’s wardrobe.

My beloved Dermalogica toner

One of my most worthwhile investments in Dermalogica products is the Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray.  I bought this bottle in December 2007, and look, I still have about 20% of the bottle left.  I bought it because it was the perfect toner to be used in an air-conditioned environment and given the fact that I was exposed to air-conditioning almost the whole day long, I gave it a go.

I use just one spritz of the toner every morning and night after I cleanse my face.  I don’t even need to use facial cotton.  It’s so simple just to spray it onto my palms and pat it onto my face.  My skin feels refreshed and moisturized, not tight and dry like the effect some toners produce.

Once opened, the toner can last 24 months, and frankly, I think it just MIGHT last that long!

I can’t even remember the exact price I bought it for, but it must have been about RM100+ or so.  Truth is, for the price I paid, it has definitely been a worthwhile investment.  This product not only works, it is VALUE for money!

If you are a Dermalogica user or if you have always wanted to try Dermalogica products, watch this space for an awesome chance to win yourself some Dermalogica products soon! :)

Good Orient shopping for Mom


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and each year, for some people, it gets increasingly difficult to present that special woman in our lives with the ideal present that says “I love you”.

This year, why not get Mom something truly Asian from Good Orient?  Choose from the many styles of authentic dresses, blouses, jewellery and accessories, down to the handbags and and even embroidered stuff.  Mom will be thrilled with the gift, for sure.

And now, you even get special complimentary Mother’s Day gifts with your purchase:

Over $49  Classy Frog Button Slippers
Over $59  Elegant Natural Pearl Bracelet or Smiling Buddha Jade Necklace
Over $89  Red Dragon Silk Nightgown

All photos credited to Good Orient

Thumbs down for Clinique at Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair

My Mom recently bought some Clinique stuff at Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall during the Clinique Bonus Time.  For her purchases, she got two sets of the gift pack; pretty good deals if I might say so myself.  One of the items Clinique was promoting in the gift pack was the Youth Surge SPF15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer.

Unfortunately after several applications of this moisturizer, my Mom discovered that her skin felt itchy.  In fact, she has always had an itch reaction to any SPF-related product, but she wanted to try and see if this moisturizer also causes this same reaction. 

In Malaysia, my Mom had also developed an allergic itchy reaction to SPF products, when she used those that came free in Clinique gift packs.  She had returned the products in mention to the Clinique counters and had gotten alternative replacements for them.

Figuring she could do the same here in the US, my Mom took her the two small tubs of  Youth Surge SPF15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer to the same Macy’s counter, but when she explained the situation to the sales personnel, the salesperson said she was not able to replace them with anything else because they were free gifts.  Even after my Mom explained that she could not use the moisturizers because she was allergic to them, the answer was still a firm NO.  The sales personnel even went on to ask my Mom to give the moisturizers away to someone who could use them.

That definitely left a very bad impression, for not only did my Mom not get the customer service expected, the Clinique sales person did not even bother compensating for the trouble we took to try and exchange the product samples.  I mean, how hard was it to just give my Mom some OTHER samples, for the sake of maintaining good customer relations?

My Mom has now decided to take the moisturizer back to the Clinique counter in Malaysia to see if it can be exchanged for something else, but seriously, all this trouble could have been avoided had the Clinique sales personnel at Macy’s been a little more customer-focused.