Pretty practical blings!

Lookie, lookie, what have we here!  These pretty little things are called Teething Bling®s and were inspired by babies who like to tug on jewelry.  As a mom, I am always vigilant about the type of jewelry I wear, and welcome baby-friendly jewelry.  And as someone who ADORES pendants, this is something I could not resist!

As you can see, the Teething Bling® meets all of my requirements to qualify as a pretty chic accessory I could wear day in and day out.  Here’s why:

  • It’s practical.  No fancy-schmancy jewels and stones and beads; just simple, understated and clean cut.  This means it goes with almost everything I wear!  From jeans to skirts to evening gowns, it is truly a one-design-fits-all!
  • There are so many colors and designs to choose from; okay maybe it just comes in a donut and heart shape now, but in terms of colors, the possibilities are endless!
  • It’s safe for baby, because it is non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free.
  • Celebrities are so digging it!


Last weekend I put on the Teething Bling® just for the fun of it.  My daughter is not yet teething, so obviously she doesn’t chew on it, but you know what’s funny?  My 3-year-old son grabbed hold of the pendant and started chomping on it!  I didn’t even tell him it was for chewing! LOL  The Teething Bling® is made of a rather soft bendy material, and it feels really easy on the gums!

In any case, I also discovered that the Teething Bling® works great as a nursing accessory too.  When I breastfeed my daughter, she would sometimes grab onto the pendant.  It certainly helps that the Teething Bling® comes with an open ended cord which I can tie and adjust the position of the pendant when I wear it.  I simply use a reef knot and it’s secure!  Unlike other pendants that move around after I have adjusted the length, this one stays put, and at the end of the day, the reef knot is still securely fastened at the nape of my neck, even though my kids were tugging and pulling at it.

I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered these, although it would help if the colors are stated on the plastic wrappers they came in.  Now I have to guess which colors are which… :P

Every mom should have one of these.  They even come with matching bangles!  And you know, even if you don’t have kids, wearing a Teething Bling® is still useful because you never know when you might meet a mommy friend with a kid in tow!

The Teething Bling® retails for USD19.10 (except for the silver one which is USD21.20) and comes in a variety of solids and patterns, in donut and heart shaped pendants.  Coordinating bangles are USD12.75 each.

Hop around in a pair of Rumparooz!


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…or rather, get your kid to do it!

Tiny Tapir has just added this word into my vocabulary of cloth diapering: Rumparooz.

The all-new 2nd generation of Rumparooz, aptly called Rumparooz G2, supposedly has improved features from its predecessor, which can fit a baby from 6.5lbs to 35+lbs.  Now I have not yet tried the Rumparooz, but from all the stuff I have been reading about it, it sounds like a pretty awesome diaper.  This particular statement caught my full attention:

Rump•a•rooz® is the ONLY cloth diaper on the market that has been uniquely designed to contain the messiest of messes. The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle internal gussets that channel each leg.

Available in a rainbow of colors, the Rumparooz G2 retails for RM105.00 each, but if you want to try your hand at winning one of these, stop by the Tiny Tapir blog and checkout the Rumparooz G2 giveaway!

Shopping in the US with GlobeShopper

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Citibank Malaysia recently announced that all its credit card holders will get to use GlobeShopper to shop at US online stores.  What this means is that we would be able to widen our shopping options to include stores that only shipped to US addresses before.

Of course, you’d still have to pay the shipping charges but it’s an option you could consider if you really really wanted a particular item.

How it all works:

  1. Register for GlobeShopper and get your own US address.
  2. Shop online at your desired US online shopping sites.
  3. Make your online shopping payment with your Citibank Credit Card and get it delivered to your assigned US address.
  4. Consolidate your purchases by repeating steps 2 and 3; or release your shipment. Your shipping charges will be charged to your Citibank Credit Card.
  5. Wait comfortably for your shipment to be delivered to you by our assigned friendly DHL expert, right to your doorstep!

Of course I had to find out what the shipping and tax charges are, and my, are they exorbitant!  For a 2kg package of clothes worth USD200, I’d have to fork out about USD53 for shipping and taxes!  Of course you have the option of Standard or Express shipping.

I did like the fact that the cost calculator showed both the rates in USD and RM, just so we could see the price conversion.  But for that amount, I don’t think I would be willing to order stuff through this channel.  What about you?  Would you do it?

Whole lot of soapy fun with Wett Giggles!


I received this package from Wett Giggles a couple of days ago, comprising these cute and adorable little things!


What are they?

Well, you’ll be intrigued to know that these are natural handmade glycerin soaps made with essential oils and shea butter, and they each come with lovely fruity flavors.  The soaps come with an animal-shaped bath toy embedded into it, and most of the toys double up as a gentle-to-use nailbrush.  In fact, the inspiration to create these soaps came when the creator wanted to instil hygiene into her son, hence the brush and soap.

All these adorable soaps have cute Shakespearian names too.  The ones we received were Hamlet (soap with brush), Horatio (soap with toy) and Cupid (just the brush).  Both Hamlet and Horatio are watermelon-scented soaps, and they smelled so good I was tempted to take a bath myself! LOL

Upon seeing his new bath buddies, my son, who most of the time is very reluctant to bathe, eagerly got into the bathtub!  He played “Row, row, row your boat” with Hamlet and washed himself all over with Horatio.  However, the slippery nature of glycerin soap made him drop the soap a few times, resulting in funny giggles..  After all, it was his first encounter with bar soap, as I have always ever only used liquid soap with him.

Well, some of the soap got into his eyes though, and when he tried to wash it off, it resulted in more soap, because he would not let Hamlet go!  When he finally let Hamlet go, and I was able to give him a rinse, he was all smiles!


What a great bath toy concept to get kids to bathe willingly, though I don’t know when the novelty will wear off :)

Wett Giggles soaps are sold for USD10 per soap with manicure brush, USD8 for soap without brush, and all toys with brush are USD5 each.  All soaps will come with a soap dish, while supplies last.  There is a “Buy 1 get 1 free sale” on everything right now and a flat shipping rate of USD4.99.  Just use the coupon code Carvpj09 (case sensitive) to get the savings.  Time to get yourself some wet giggles! :)

My Precious Baby by April


Last week, my order of pretty fitted diapers from My Precious Baby by April arrived, and of course, I was as eager as ever to open up the parcel.  I had ordered these custom-made velour fitted diapers according to the colors and prints of my preference, so in a way, they were exclusive :)

Velour is 80% cotton, 20% polyester and feels soft and plush like velvet.  My Precious Baby by April fitted diapers are the perfect solution for the heavy wetter because these velour diapers have two full layers of velour in the body, and three layers of thirsty hemp fleece in the sewn in soaker.  I love that these diapers also come with an additional soaker to be added when necessary.

The velour fitted diapers come in two varieties:

The trim-looking no-ruffles look:


…and the girly-looking diaper with ruffles at the leg openings:


There are plenty of cute and adorable designs that can be selected for the additional soaker too, from boy prints to girl prints to gender-neutral prints.  I just love to color-coordinate the colors and prints, I think I can do this all day! :)  


Although this part of the diaper does not get seen because it goes next to baby’s bottom, I just love the thought of the nice prints and colors on baby :)


Of course, you could also request that the prints be on the outer shell of the diaper, if you prefer.  That’s the beauty of customization.

My Precious Baby by April has a sale on now where if you buy 4 diapers, you’ll get a fifth diaper free.  The sales ends May 25 2009.