Organic Cotton Wipes


A few weeks ago, my daughter was suffering from a really bad diaper rash.  I attributed it to the immense heat and humidity here in Malaysia.  I changed her diaper dilligently and aired her bottom as much as I could, and I also used diaper rash cream, but it seemed like nothing worked.

Then I remembered I had a stash of new organic cotton wipes which I had gotten from Lunapads (yes, they sell these too!).  So I wet a few pieces with water and used them to clean my daughter’s bottom.  Then I applied diaper cream and put a fitted diaper on.

You wouldn’t believe it, but the next morning the diaper rash was GONE!


Not only because these organic cotton wipes are truly miraculous, but because they feel oh-so-good on the skin.  They don’t look as nice and cute as some of the cloth wipes though…these organic cotton wipes are just plain pieces of cloth, beige in color and are rather thin.  But they really do wonders! 

The description recommends these to be used as cotton pads for removing makeup too, and I have no doubt they would work great!

By the way, the exclusive discount of 10% for all orders over USD25 is still valid on the Lunapads site.  Just use the code giddytigers09 upon checkout.  This exclusive coupon code is valid through December 31st 2009.