A bag in the nick of time!

Do you always tend to buy in bulk because it costs cheaper in the long run?  Or are you one of those who prefer to buy just in small amounts because you couldn’t care less?

Well, I definitely like to make an item more worth it, which is why I normally buy the bigger packet as opposed to the smaller one.  Which is why I ended up buying the 10kilo pack of rice last night instead of th 5kilo one.

Which is why we ended up having to put the entire 10kilo pack into this yellow RUME bag because just as we were loading the 10kilo pack into our trunk, the plastic pack on the rice decided to tear.  Supermarkets in Penang do not give out plastic bags on Mondays, so my reusable shopping bags came in very handy indeed!


Seeing how useful and *helpful* my reusable bags are, I could certainly make do with a few more from this awesome giveaway!

My purse is VERY pleased!

When I first read about the Purse Pleaser, I thought to myself, “If anyone needs the Purse Pleaser, it has GOT to be me!”

You see, I like to think of myself as an organized person, although at times, I am not.  But where my purse or handbag is concerned, I am ashamed to say that it is really a disorganized MESS!  Now, with 2 kids in tow, I carry some of their things in my bag too, and I can tell you that searching for a particular item in my bag is a real hassle.  Sometimes it takes me endless minutes to locate my coin purse, my car keys, parking ticket, and goodness knows how many calls I have missed trying to frantically look for that cellphone!

So I was definitely ecstatic to try out the Purse Pleaser.  My only worry was that it would make my handbag bulkier than it already was, seeing that it is like a box that is placed in the bag.  Nevertheless I tried it out, taking everything out of my bag and putting it into the different compartments of the Purse Pleaser.  It comes with 3 differents sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and you can adjust it to suit the size of your handbag.



I found that it had a compartment for almost everything in my bag, save for my longish wallet which I just put at the side of the Purse Pleaser.  I could fit my camera, my cellphone, my toddler’s sunglasses, my RUME bags, tissue paper, wipes solution and lip balm.  There was also a tiny little drawer for me to put receipts in.

And when I was done, I lifted my bag up and I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t weigh a ton!  It felt just like it did before I used the Purse Pleaser! 

Actually on the Purse Pleaser box, there are suggestions of what to put into each compartment, how to expand it or contract it (because the Purse Pleaser can fit almost any size of bag):

I have been using the Purse Pleaser in my bag for about a month now, and I am definitely PLEASED with it.  Not only do I feel very organized, I find that I can locate things much easily with it.  My only slight complaint would be that sometimes the things I place OUTSIDE of the Purse Pleaser gets UNDER the Purse Pleaser and I can’t find it.  Well, the solution would be of course to put everything in the Purse Pleaser.

I also tried changing handbags with the Purse Pleaser, and boy was that an easy task.  Just remove the whole Purse Pleaser with all its contents and place it in the new handbag!  Easy as pie!  Didn’t take me more than a minute to do so!

This is definitely a must-have item for all women out there, and I would recommend it as a great Christmas gift too!

In the USA, it costs USD24.95 and can be purchased online from the Purse Pleaser site.

If you’re residing in Malaysia, get it from Tiny Tapir at RM150. 

Reviewing shopping sites: a new era unveiled

You know how sometimes you read reviews on shopping sites and you can’t for the life of you imagine what the site actually does or looks like, until you type the URL and get in to check it out for yourself?

Well, yesterday, I discovered something new: video reviews of shopping sites.  Stemming from the all-new online video portal Playthat.TV, the Webshopping section caters specifically to VIDEO reviews of the hippest and hottest online shopping stores in Malaysia.  Granted it is NEW, there are only 2 video review episodes now, but the reviews are done in a very straightforward manner and will give us a glimpse on what the website holds.


Each video lasts not more than 10 minutes, where the presenter candidly gives her personal opinion on the site she is reviewing and shares her choices of her personal favorite items on the site.  There is also a brief run-through on how to order and pay.

It would be good if the review actually showed the process of purchasing and receiving the product, but I find that despite that, the video is enough to draw some interest to the viewer to visit the site concerned.

So if you are the sort that is too lazy to read reviews (too many words), this sort of video reviews would definitely suit you!  Enjoy watching!  And of course, happy shopping!