A bag in the nick of time!

Do you always tend to buy in bulk because it costs cheaper in the long run?  Or are you one of those who prefer to buy just in small amounts because you couldn’t care less?

Well, I definitely like to make an item more worth it, which is why I normally buy the bigger packet as opposed to the smaller one.  Which is why I ended up buying the 10kilo pack of rice last night instead of th 5kilo one.

Which is why we ended up having to put the entire 10kilo pack into this yellow RUME bag because just as we were loading the 10kilo pack into our trunk, the plastic pack on the rice decided to tear.  Supermarkets in Penang do not give out plastic bags on Mondays, so my reusable shopping bags came in very handy indeed!


Seeing how useful and *helpful* my reusable bags are, I could certainly make do with a few more from this awesome giveaway!

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