Review: Bamboobino Nursing Pads

Before I had my first baby, I’d already set my heart and mind to breastfeed exclusively.  Listening to friends’ advice, I had stocked up on disposable nursing pads.  I remember I bought 2 whole boxes and expected to buy more in the long run.  In addition, I also bought a few cloth nursing pads.  They were washable, and I had expected not to use them as often because it would be a hassle,…or so I thought.

In the end, when I weaned off my firstborn at 2 years old, I still had a LOT of the disposable nursing pads left over.

And I had fallen in love with washable cloth nursing pads.  They were easily washed and dried just as quickly, and they definitely felt more comfy compared to disposable ones.

So when I heard of Bamboobino Nursing Pads, which are made from bamboo rayon fleece, I knew I had to try them out for myself now that I am breastfeeding my second baby.  I knew bamboo-based nursing pads would be very comfy and cooling, and I was right.

The Bamboobino nursing pads were very soft and the material very smooth. They hardly show up at all when I use them, and best of all, they were super cooling! A definite PLUS for our hot weather here in Malaysia!

Washing them is a breeze too, as I just throw it in the washer together with my laundry, and then hang them out to dry. I’ve used them in the dryer too, and they turned out okay. No shrinkage, tearing or getting out of shape. In fact, they look just as they did when I first got them.

These are definitely my favorite nursing pads thus far, and I will be sorry when I have no need for them anymore.

The Bamboobino Nursing Pads are sold in pairs and cost USD7.99, purchased from the Lunapads site.

One Response to “Review: Bamboobino Nursing Pads”

  1. Ling Says:

    i remember my mum using these disposable cone-shaped pads and I used to stuff my bra with them to make my boobs look bigger lol

    The Giddy Tigress says: Aha…you did? :)