iDevAffiliate – The Affiliate Software of choice


Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of online marketing nowadays.  Online stores seek to promote their services and products by utilizing the powerful method of affiliate marketing, which is really a referral system, but not in a manual manner.

In order to run an online store that uses affiliate marketing as one of its tools, choosing a good affiliate software is very important.  I’ve come across online stores, blogshops especially, who promote a referral system, but without the use of affiliate software, and I personally find that very haphazard.  These stores could very certainly boost their sales and online presence if only they’d invest in a trustworthy affiliate software such as iDevAffiliate.

Installed on the server which hosts the online store’s website, this means that the purchase of the iDevAffiliate software is a one-time purchase, after which the online store is able to use the software for as long as they want.

Customizing the iDevAffiliate software is a breeze, and if you do run into any problems, help is just an email away.  The graphical user interface is very pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate, making it an enjoyable experience both for the administrator of the affiliate program as well as the potential affiliates who sign up.

As a person who does online shopping most of the time, I personally feel iDevAffiliate is the affiliate software of choice, if you want your online store to perform seamlessly with the affiliate tracking and integration.  For the price of USD99.99 for iDevAffiliate Standard, you get a year’s worth of free upgrades and on top of that, your license never expires.  There are also bulk purchase discounts (e.g. 10% discount if you purchase 2-5 site licenses) and additional optional upgrades at a nominal fee.

Definitely worth your while and investment! :)

Shopping for a Career? How about Nursing?

While driving home today, I listened to a brief discussion over the radio about male nurses, and how competent they too can be.
I honestly believe that the public mindset should be altered so that male nurses could be more acceptable too, because I am sure they can do just as good a job as a female nurse.

After all, all nurses are earning an honest living and are a great asset to the medical community.

Incidentally, anyone who is interested to take up nursing as a career can enrol themselves in this rewarding field, which is very much in demand worldwide.  Information about Certified Nursing Assistant programs are available online, where we can check the average salary earned, qualifications needed, skillsets to be possessed and also interview questions.  Also available online are cna training schedules and classes.

Shopping for a career?  This might just be it! :)

Bouncy Baby Diapers: Proudly Made in Malaysia

It is definitely every shopaholic’s dream to be able to test a product for himself or herself before buying it.  After all, we’re talking hard-earned cash here.  Unfortunately, rarely do we get the opportunity to do so.

However, a few months ago, I was asked to be test out a prototype of the Bouncy Baby Diaper, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  Bouncy Baby Diapers are created and manufactured wholly in Malaysia, so I was very excited about testing it out, since most of my cloth diapers are manufactured in either USA or Australia.

And after a few weeks of testing, I submitted my feedback.  I believe the feedback would then be used to rectify whatever flaws and shortcomings (if any) of the diaper prototype, so that the finished product would be an improved version.

Image credits: Tiny Tapir

Well, guess what?  Bouncy Baby Diapers was recently launched!  I haven’t had a chance to check out the product yet (apart from my prototype), but I do think the final product is certainly MUCH improved.  The one thing that I really really love about this cloth diaper is the Alova Suedecloth inner, which is so soft, I can’t even begin to describe it!

Also, the Bouncy Baby Diaper now comes with the option of a HEMP insert, to cater for heavy wetters.  This would appeal to mothers who would like to use this cloth diaper as a night-time diaper too. 

Bouncy Baby Diapers are available for sale at Tiny Tapir, and there is a HUGE introductory discount on now.  Pocket diapers (either snaps or aplix) on sale for RM42-52, and they also have a Value Set (3 diapers + 1 wetbag) for only RM120!

And oh, I almost forgot…if you want to try to win yourself one of those Value Sets, hop on over to Mummy’s Reviews for a great review of the Bouncy Baby Diaper and a chance to be a winner of the giveaway!

Mystery of the Missing Gap Store

Photo Credits

For several months now, I have been wondering where the Baby Gap/Kids Gap store in Queensbay Mall had disappeared to.  There is no signage informing customers, just a closed-up store each time I walk past.

The Gap store for adults is still open, so last weekend I made it a point to ask the sales assistant in The Gap.  Coincidentally, I noticed the lady who used to work in Baby Gap/Kids Gap on duty in The Gap too.  So I asked her and found out that there were plans in place to merge The Gap and Baby Gap/Kids Gap in Queensbay Mall into one huge store, but the merge (and hence new store) will only be ready in December 2010!

I guess I shall have to do my Baby Gap/Kids Gap shopping in the Klang Valley until then …