Are you really buying *BPA-Free* products?


We’ve heard a LOT about BPA-free products; products related to feeding and eating utensils like milk bottles, snack and lunch boxes, plates, and tumblers.  All parents want the best for their kids, and they know that by choosing BPA-free products for their kids, they are doing the childrent a whole lot of good healthwise.

However, did you know that banking on this fact, there are also suppliers that are out to *get* parents such as these?  Well, maybe that is not their original intent, but perhaps they are just trying to “clear old stock”.

My hubby and I almost fell into this trap.

A week or so ago, we took the kids to a nice mall in KL and wanted to get them drinking tumblers.  We got them one each. 

The tumblers were all arranged on the shelf, and there were removable tags bearing the sign BPA-free on them.  Little did we know that there were however, *SOME* tumblers who were NOT BPA-free but were placed alongside those that were.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the tumblers that were indeed BPA-free had the words “BPA-free” printed ON the tumbler.  Those that were not did not have the words “BPA-free” imprinted on them, but some of these non-BPA-free tumblers had the BPA-free removable tag around them!


I’m not sure if the store was aware that some of the tumblers were not BPA-free but were placed together with those that were, because they were all priced the same, but I felt that this would mislead some parents into thinking there were getting a BPA-free tumbler for their child when they were not.

So the next time you are getting something “BPA-free”, do ensure it is indeed BPA-free by insisting on proof.  A removable tag on the item does not really count!  Check and check again that it is indeed a BPA-free product.


Got my Rumparooz at an amazing discount!


Hurrah!  I got my Rumparooz diaper at an amazing discount of 30% off retail price.  Tiny Tapir is currently running a clearance sale on all Rumparooz cloth diapers.  So…yay for all cloth diapering mommies and daddies out there. 

Solid colors (snaps and aplix) are on sale at 30% off and patterned designs (snaps and aplix) are priced at 20% off retail.  Can’t get any lower than that, I’m sure.

I’m gonna prewash mine soon, so I can start using them on my daughter.  And if I love them after I use them, I might just get a few more! 

Have you gotten yours yet?