Do you like to pre-order clothes?

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Lately, I have noticed a ton of blogshops and Facebook accounts mushrooming everywhere, selling ladies’ clothes.  Upon closer scrutiny, these shops are selling clothes that are on a PRE-ORDER basis.  What this means is that the customer will purchase these clothes, pay upfront and wait for the items to be delivered to them.  However, because the items ordered are on a PRE-ORDER basis, the lead time between ordering and receiving could be up to 14 days.

If you own an online store selling clothes, I think it is fine and dandy if you want to purchase your stock via this method.  But if you are a consumer who only buys the clothes for yourself, I don’t think this PRE-ORDER business is doing you any good.

Firstly, the seller does not even have the item in stock.  So if you had a question on the material or color or measurement, they would not be able to tell you exactly.  What they can tell you is only what their vendor tells them.  And sometimes the real thing is not what it looks like in the picture.

Secondly, the lead time of about 14 days is definitely too long a wait for local purchases.  I would expect a turnaround time of 4-5 days at the most. 

Of course, I understand what these blogshops that run on PRE-ORDER basis gain.  They do not have to carry stock in their premises.  Which means they only order what the customer orders.

Do you think this is a good practice?  Have you ever purchased from such a store and what was your experience like?