Valid Contact Information is Essential for Stores with Online Sites

Being an avid shopper online, I find it very useful to communicate with store owners via the electronic media.  If I have a query about a particular product or if I would like to clarify something, I search for the CONTACT US section on the store’s site, and send them an email.  Some stores provide an online feedback form, which I sometimes use too.

The question is…do store owners check their email?  If they display information on how to contact them on their site, and then they do not check their email, it just makes no sense at all.

It just frustrates the customer and might even drive a potential customer away.


A month ago, I sent an email to the feedback address provided in the Jaya Jusco online site.  The email address provided was 

But up till today, I have not received a single reply.  Not even an acknowledgement email! 

Since they also provide an online feedback form, I decided to fill that up a couple of days ago too.  No response since then yet.

I wonder if the contact information is still valid…because if it’s not and no one is responding to emails, they might as well just remove their feedback email from the website before all the customers are driven away by sheer frustration.