Implications of “Everyday is NO Plastic Bag Day”


With effect from January 1st 2011, most major departmental stores, supermarkets and shops in Penang will stop giving out plastic bags, in a bid to educate people on becoming more environmentally-friendly.  I welcome this move, but at the same time, I foresee the following to happen:

  • Sale of plastic bags will increase, because most of us still use plastic bags as trash bags.  Without the stores providing us with plastic bags, we consumers will then need to purchase our own.  It’s either that, or we shop more at the wet markets, where, last I checked, plastic bags were still given out.
  • Trend of carrying reusable bags will catch on.  If you prefer something funky, unique and stylish, it really pays to invest in good quality ones like the RuMe or the Envirosax.  I have 2 of each and they have really served me well.  I’m considering getting one more RuMe, IF there is a sale coming up :)
  • Usage of departmental store “SOLD” sticky tapes will increase tremendously.  Previously when plastic bags were given out, everything would be packed in plastic bags and just ONE tape would be used to *seal* the bag.  But now, each and every purchased items gets a sticky tape each.  Well, that tape had better be environmentally-friendly, otherwise, I’d say just do without the tape.  After all, we are issued a receipt.

I do wish that supermarkets would instead offer the alternative to consumers to pack their groceries in paper bags instead.  Sometimes even with reusable bags in tow, they just aren’t enough to carry all our purchases.

What are your thoughts?  Do you love or loathe this new ruling?

3 Responses to “Implications of “Everyday is NO Plastic Bag Day””

  1. MieVee @ Says:

    Oh, I didn’t know about this new practice. No plastic bag is good, I’d prepare many reusable bags or buy the plastic bags if needed. It helps to create better awareness.

    With 2 Envirosax bags and several large bags for groceries, I’ve hardly taken any plastic or paper bag on shopping trips.

    As for garbage, we buy a pack of small garbage bags, the very thin type. Kitchen waste is the bulk. I minimize waste from daily activities, by using cloth wipes, pads and diapers.

    Happy going green! :)

  2. rinnah Says:

    I’m not sure if Malaysians are ready for this new practice. Personally I myself would not be ready in the event Selangor implements no-plastic-bag days. :P

  3. Tine Says:

    I read about this on the news. Over here, the major supermarkets are still using plastic bags, although majority of customers use green woven bags. Shops like Target and Borders charge 10-20 cents per bag if you need one. The bags provided are recyclable.

    I’d prefer that the supermarkets still provide plastic bags, but customers would need to pay for them, and the money would go to the charity box or something (I seem to recall Cold Storage at Gurney Plaza doing that once. Don’t know if they still do that). Customers would be more prone to bringing their own bags than to pay for plastic.

    As for the green bags, personally I think that the woven ones are best when it comes to groceries. They’re cheaper and easier to carry than Envirosax and Rume.

    Just my (very long) 2 cents :P