Discover your Sensual Self at Sensuala

I arrived at the site, out of curiosity
Not knowing what to expect in sheer ambiguity
Simply called the Sensuala Interactive Beauty Zone
I must say it’s definitely a site to call your own!

I clicked on START and was asked to choose
My body shape based on a particular fruit
I chose between a pineapple, a lemon, a cherry
An apple, a lemon and even a strawberry!

I was then asked to measure the size of my bust
With given instructions, that’s certainly a must!
Together with the cup size, I was asked to enter
With bated breath, I awaited the answer!

Next, to select my style, I was told
Was I the sporty kind or was I sexy and bold?
Did I think I had a casual style
Or am I simply a feminine kinda gal?

Lastly, I was asked for what I look for most in a bra?
What’s the most important factor by far?
Is it comfort or enhancement that I seek?
Is it support or style that makes it chic?

I wished I could choose a combination
For I find that I’m sometimes between selections
But the results were out and I’m a Proper Lady
Which, I’d say, is rather close to accuracy


I was recommended some gorgeous bras that would suit my style
The experience was certainly worth the while
For a mere five minutes on the PC or workstation
I definitely cherished it with utter satisfaction!

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