Lovin’ my Envirosax


Long before the “No Plastic Bags” trend began, I had already been using the Envirosax.  Long before they started the “No Plastic Bags on Saturdays”, I had been carrying my own reusable shopping bags.  All the way from Malaysia to the States and back again.  Yeah, me and my reusable bags…they really go a long way :)

And now in Penang, it’s “No Plastic Bags every day”, so my handbag contains at least 2 or 3 rolled-up reusable shopping bags all the time.

Recently I had the opportunity to review the Envirosax.  Being a long-time user of the Envirosax, I was, of course, curious to find out how it had “evolved” over the years.  After all, Envirosax had been creating and producing reusable shopping bags since 2004!  Founded in Australia, the people behind Envirosax aim to protect the environment and create a greener earth for the future generation by providing an eco-friendly and (may I say) stylish alternative to the plastic bags we see every day.

I was a happy gal a few weeks ago when I received the ABC design Envirosax from the Envirosax Kids Series.  Now one thing you will notice about the Envirosax is that it comes in gorgeous prints!  I was totally wowed over and could not decide which one to choose at first.

The ABC design Envirosax is appealing both to kids and adults.  Its bright colors and graphics will make it fun for the kids to carry it, thus starting them young on eco-friendly education.  I know my kids were delighted when they saw the alphabets printed on the bag!


I was also delighted that the bag was printed on BOTH sides with the alphabet print.  My older generation of Envirosax bags had the print on only one side of the bag.  Not sure if the rest of the newer Envirosax has prints on both sides, but I find it does make the bag look aesthetically more pleasing to the eye :)


On the inside of the bag, there was a sewn-on tag printed with instructions on how to fold it up when not in use.  The instructions could also be cut off if you did not like the long tag.  The Envirosax folds in a unique way, making the folded bag very snug and compact.  For other reusable bags, you may find that the bigger-sized bags end up looking bigger when folded up compared to the smallish bags but for the Envirosax, almost all the bags will look the same size when folded.

Even though it was the Kids Series, I was amazed at how “not tiny” the bag is.  I compared it against my regular Envirosax, and I was surprised to find that the regular Envirosax was just a little bit wider than the Kids series.  Height-wise, the difference is negligible.  See…the black and white bag at the bottom is the regular one.


 The regular Envirosax and the Kids series Envirosax can also carry the same amount of maximum weight, which is 44lbs or 20kg.


I also compared the Kids series Envirosax with my Regular RuMe bag, and wow…they are more or less the same size!  The yellow bag is my regular RuMe bag.



I can tell you for a fact too, that the Envirosax is pretty much maintenance-free.  I once spilled some soda (well, actually quite a lot) on my Envirosax.  I promptly rinsed it out with water and threw it in the washer.  Then I dried it in the dryer and when I took it out, it was as good as new.  No stray threads or frays or torn edges.

You can either sling it over your shoulder or carry it in your hands.


Those who prefer bolder, brighter prints can choose from the Graphic Series but those who prefer plain colors, no prints can opt for one from the Greengrocer Series.  So there’s definitely an Envirosax to suit everyone!

I’m very happy with my Envirosax bags and I feel good every time I use them, because I know that I am doing a good job making our earth a better place for the future generation.  In fact, I beamed ever so proudly the other day when I whipped out my bag at the check out line and the lady behind me commented how beautiful my bag was! :)

You can purchase the Envirosax products from their website: http://www.envirosax.com or you could also check out the list of their worldwide distributors here: http://www.envirosax.com/distributors 

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