Exabytes: They go the extra mile!

How does one satisfy one’s craving for impeccable service from over-the-top helpful customer service personnel, and in addition, obtain top-notch products and services for unbelievably competitive prices?  Well, for someone who prides herself in NEVER settling for second best, I’d have to say that the decision I made when I chose Exabytes as my web host provider is one which I will never regret.

Having been a loyal customer of Exabytes for four years now (and counting), my trust and respect for this company has grown more each day as our “techie” relationship blossomed.  Of course, like any relationship, we have had our fair share of obstacles, but I’m pleased to note that almost all of the problems had been ironed out in super speedy time, thanks to the diligence of the Exabytes team.

One of the major selling point for Exabytes would be that their “hosting bundles” contain the stuff that a consumer really needs.  I now have 3 different hosting packages hosted under Exabytes, and each and every one of these serve a different need. 

My favorite from Exabytes? 

Well, it would have to be hands-down the EBiz Gold hosting package. For me, it was the provision of the Free Lifetime domain that was thrown into the package that more or less sealed the deal. This EBiz Gold package is a rather comprehensive one, complete with sufficient disk space and monthly bandwidth.  Of course, if you are kiasu and greedy, you could also pay a little extra and opt for the EBiz Gold Unlimited hosting package, which provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth.  Actually I’m KIV-ing the upgrade… hehe. :)

All relationships are built on compromise; give and take.  And I am glad Exabytes feel the same way, as they do reward their customers for loyalty and prompt payment too.  Of course, another PLUS point for Exabytes is that there are contests run periodically, and knowing me, that is something that is definitely right up my alley!

Exabytes has been such a wonderful and comfortable home for my blogs and websites, I’d hate to ever leave it.  I sleep easy knowing that all my sites are safe and securely backed up. 


Happy 10th Anniversary Exabytes!  Here’s to another 10 years and more of superior and excellent web hosting.  Now what would really put the icing on the cake is if I could add that much-coveted iPad2 from the current Exabytes Super Blogger Contest to my collection of prized possessions.  So how ’bout it, Exabytes, huh?  For old time’s sake? :)

2 Responses to “Exabytes: They go the extra mile!”

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