Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Gift of Love and Life!

What better way to honor your beloved mother with this thoughtful fabulous Gift of Love and Life!

Izumio hydrogenated water is packed full of antioxidants and goodness to cleanse the body, repairing damaged cells and then nourish, rejuvenate and regenerate healthy cells from within. With absolutely ZERO side effects, it is the perfect gift this time of year! Moms everywhere will truly appreciate the thoughtful gift of health, wellness and love.

Izumio hydrogenated water is water which has a high concentration of hydrogen added into it.  At 2.6ppm, Izumio has the highest concentration of hydrogen in water around the world.  In fact, a 200ml pack of Izumio contains the same amount of hydrogen as 727 liters of France’s Miracle Water from Lourdes.  Hydrogen, being the smallest atom in the world, has the ability to penetrate cells at mitochondrial level to effectively neutralise free radicals which cause diseases, because hydrogen is an extremely potent antioxidant.  Subsequently, the toxins in the body are flushed out.

Priced loose at RM15 per pack of 200ml Izumio, or get the special package of Buy 7 Get 1 Free at RM105. A gift box can be included for a nominal RM15 (as shown).

Order today … (Pssst…a perfect choice for last minute gifts too!)

For more information on Izumio, please check out:https://instagram.com/izumio_penang/

I’m Still Here!

How has everyone been?  Amid my super busy schedule, I am so sorry I have neglected this blog for such a long time…hopefully there are still readers!! :)

I haven’t been doing much shopping lately too, all in the name of balancing finances and being frugal and all.

However, I will still bring you news of great deals and savings periodically, so stay tuned!