Would you want this “Birkin”?

A while ago, I stumbled on pictures of a pretty interesting canvas bag.  Apparently, this bag was getting neverending orders, and stores selling the bags have all sold out.


Recognize it? :)

Yep, it had the unmistakable print of the ever-popular Hermes Birkin printed on it.  Comes in several colors too.


There’s a concern out there as to whether this bag is at all “legal”.  And whether or not Hermes has had its stamp of approval for that bag.

That aside, these bags are selling like hot cakes!  I actually saw it being advertised for sale on Facebook, and out of curiosity I inquired on the price.  It was a whopping RM500! 

Well, definitely cheaper than owning an original Hermes! LOL


Have you seen this bag? Have you been tempted to get one?  Or are you already using one yourself?  Would you succumb to dishing out RM500 for a bag like this? 

All pictures credited to Banana Taipei

Lovin’ my Envirosax


Long before the “No Plastic Bags” trend began, I had already been using the Envirosax.  Long before they started the “No Plastic Bags on Saturdays”, I had been carrying my own reusable shopping bags.  All the way from Malaysia to the States and back again.  Yeah, me and my reusable bags…they really go a long way :)

And now in Penang, it’s “No Plastic Bags every day”, so my handbag contains at least 2 or 3 rolled-up reusable shopping bags all the time.

Recently I had the opportunity to review the Envirosax.  Being a long-time user of the Envirosax, I was, of course, curious to find out how it had “evolved” over the years.  After all, Envirosax had been creating and producing reusable shopping bags since 2004!  Founded in Australia, the people behind Envirosax aim to protect the environment and create a greener earth for the future generation by providing an eco-friendly and (may I say) stylish alternative to the plastic bags we see every day.

I was a happy gal a few weeks ago when I received the ABC design Envirosax from the Envirosax Kids Series.  Now one thing you will notice about the Envirosax is that it comes in gorgeous prints!  I was totally wowed over and could not decide which one to choose at first.

Read on for more…

Implications of “Everyday is NO Plastic Bag Day”


With effect from January 1st 2011, most major departmental stores, supermarkets and shops in Penang will stop giving out plastic bags, in a bid to educate people on becoming more environmentally-friendly.  I welcome this move, but at the same time, I foresee the following to happen:

  • Sale of plastic bags will increase, because most of us still use plastic bags as trash bags.  Without the stores providing us with plastic bags, we consumers will then need to purchase our own.  It’s either that, or we shop more at the wet markets, where, last I checked, plastic bags were still given out.
  • Trend of carrying reusable bags will catch on.  If you prefer something funky, unique and stylish, it really pays to invest in good quality ones like the RuMe or the Envirosax.  I have 2 of each and they have really served me well.  I’m considering getting one more RuMe, IF there is a sale coming up :)
  • Usage of departmental store “SOLD” sticky tapes will increase tremendously.  Previously when plastic bags were given out, everything would be packed in plastic bags and just ONE tape would be used to *seal* the bag.  But now, each and every purchased items gets a sticky tape each.  Well, that tape had better be environmentally-friendly, otherwise, I’d say just do without the tape.  After all, we are issued a receipt.

I do wish that supermarkets would instead offer the alternative to consumers to pack their groceries in paper bags instead.  Sometimes even with reusable bags in tow, they just aren’t enough to carry all our purchases.

What are your thoughts?  Do you love or loathe this new ruling?

Bag-reselling – do you think it’s cool?

Photo credits

Coach, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada. You name it, you’ve loved it.  You’ve seen that coveted bag on the catwalk, in the magazines, and on the red carpet.  You’ve seen it in the stores too, but some of them are just way way too purse-breaking to get.

Lately, however, I have noticed a similar trend sprouting around.  Bag lovers do not need to pay a hand and a foot to get branded bags they can call their own.  I’ve seen online sites selling these bags for a fraction of the price in the stores, and these are supposedly originals.

Question is: would you buy your bag this way?

Yes, it is cheaper, and yes, you get to strut your stuff and yet still save money, but is it worth the while?

When I visited the Coach Factory Outlets in USA, there were many people who were purchasing bags by the dozen.  Back then, I figured they were just buying them as gifts, but now, come to think of it, those people might have been purchasing those bags to earn a tidy profit from reselling them.

I personally would not purchase a branded bag from any means other than from its original store or from its factory outlet.  The warranty and service that comes with a bag is far too important to me to sacrifice, and I have personally experienced superior customer service from Coach too.  In fact, I have another pleasant experience/story from Coach which I will share in another post, but the bottomline is Coach never fails to impress me.  And I would never get that service had I bought the bag from a source other than direct from Coach.  I believe the same goes to all the other branded bags too.

So would you spend a little extra just to get a branded bag, or would you be willing to get a branded bag for less, albeit from a bag reseller?

If you need a new purse, read on…

If you, like me, are ALWAYS in the need of a new purse/bag, then you’ll be happy to note that A Pregnant Pause is running a giveaway right now.  And why, do you think, I need a new purse?

Well, I’ve been toting the same old black velvet clutch to almost all the dinners I have attended, that I think it is high time I get myself a new one.  So I need a pretty purse because I will be attending a wedding dinner soon, and I want something NEW and classy to take along with me, and also one that will match my outfit!

Go check out the giveaway now, you might just walk away with a gorgeous bag from AliceWonders!

As for me, this is the one I picked for myself (being optimistic here…) :)