Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Gift of Love and Life!

What better way to honor your beloved mother with this thoughtful fabulous Gift of Love and Life!

Izumio hydrogenated water is packed full of antioxidants and goodness to cleanse the body, repairing damaged cells and then nourish, rejuvenate and regenerate healthy cells from within. With absolutely ZERO side effects, it is the perfect gift this time of year! Moms everywhere will truly appreciate the thoughtful gift of health, wellness and love.

Izumio hydrogenated water is water which has a high concentration of hydrogen added into it.  At 2.6ppm, Izumio has the highest concentration of hydrogen in water around the world.  In fact, a 200ml pack of Izumio contains the same amount of hydrogen as 727 liters of France’s Miracle Water from Lourdes.  Hydrogen, being the smallest atom in the world, has the ability to penetrate cells at mitochondrial level to effectively neutralise free radicals which cause diseases, because hydrogen is an extremely potent antioxidant.  Subsequently, the toxins in the body are flushed out.

Priced loose at RM15 per pack of 200ml Izumio, or get the special package of Buy 7 Get 1 Free at RM105. A gift box can be included for a nominal RM15 (as shown).

Order today … (Pssst…a perfect choice for last minute gifts too!)

For more information on Izumio, please check out:https://instagram.com/izumio_penang/

Are you really buying *BPA-Free* products?


We’ve heard a LOT about BPA-free products; products related to feeding and eating utensils like milk bottles, snack and lunch boxes, plates, and tumblers.  All parents want the best for their kids, and they know that by choosing BPA-free products for their kids, they are doing the childrent a whole lot of good healthwise.

However, did you know that banking on this fact, there are also suppliers that are out to *get* parents such as these?  Well, maybe that is not their original intent, but perhaps they are just trying to “clear old stock”.

My hubby and I almost fell into this trap.

A week or so ago, we took the kids to a nice mall in KL and wanted to get them drinking tumblers.  We got them one each. 

The tumblers were all arranged on the shelf, and there were removable tags bearing the sign BPA-free on them.  Little did we know that there were however, *SOME* tumblers who were NOT BPA-free but were placed alongside those that were.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the tumblers that were indeed BPA-free had the words “BPA-free” printed ON the tumbler.  Those that were not did not have the words “BPA-free” imprinted on them, but some of these non-BPA-free tumblers had the BPA-free removable tag around them!


I’m not sure if the store was aware that some of the tumblers were not BPA-free but were placed together with those that were, because they were all priced the same, but I felt that this would mislead some parents into thinking there were getting a BPA-free tumbler for their child when they were not.

So the next time you are getting something “BPA-free”, do ensure it is indeed BPA-free by insisting on proof.  A removable tag on the item does not really count!  Check and check again that it is indeed a BPA-free product.


Waste not with Kids Konserve (and get a 10% discount)


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Kids Konserve is dedicated to providing reusable equipment, especially food storage containers, bags and cutlery that promote the waste-free mentality.  Anyone who is environmentally conscious would welcome the items available at the  Kids Konserve store.  Not only do the designs look exceptionally pleasing to the eye, the products are very useful and 100% reusable.  Who says it ain’t easy to save the environment? :)

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From lunch kits to party cutlery to tiffins, this is definitely a great alternative for someone who wants an absolutely  *green* lunch! In fact, those who are regular bento packers might want to consider investing in one of these containers too, for their bentos!

Do check out Kids Konserve Blog too, for tips and information on how we can be kinder to our environment.  Everyone can make a difference if we just take that extra step. :)

So have fun checking out the stuff at the Kids Konserve store!  And from now till May 31st 2009, I am so pleased that Kids Konserve is giving all Kaki Shopping readers a 10% discount on all products in its store.  Simply enter the coupon code bento to redeem it.

Happy shopping, and remember…a little goes a long way in saving our environment!

Be privileged & be healthy

If you are a vitamins and supplements freak, you will know the brand BiO-LiFE well. I used to buy BiO-LiFE products a lot, but stopped because I take Amway’s Daily now. But I still am a holder of the BiO-LiFE Privilege Card. I applied for the card a few years ago and as part of the membership benefits, I have been receiving regular periodicals and brochures about its products. Nothing much to shout about since I hardly buy BiO-LiFE products now.

But just last month, I received a birthday complimentary voucher from BiO-LiFE that entitled me to purchase products at 50% discount (up to a maximum of RM500). I dillied and I dallied but I finally managed to get 3 bottles of fish oil at an unbelievable price of RM30 each. The retail price of each bottle of 120 capsules is RM60, and the special 3 bottles in 1 packing costs RM140. It has been some time since my hubby and I took fish oil supplements, and this is the perfect reason to start doing so. The 50% voucher was only redeemable in independent pharmacies though, so that ruled out Watson’s and Guardian. Thank goodness I found one near my home which allowed me to use it.

Well, I think I’m gonna keep my BiO-LiFE privilege card for now. Who knows what other goodies there are in store for me? Oh, just in case you weren’t in the know, each bottle of BiO-Life has a token sticker which you can cut out and keep to redeem for gifts or use during promotions. The tokens can also be used to renew the BiO-LiFE privilege membership.

To register for more information on BiO-LiFE products and to request for an application form to be a privileged member, click here.