Shopping for a Career? How about Nursing?

While driving home today, I listened to a brief discussion over the radio about male nurses, and how competent they too can be.
I honestly believe that the public mindset should be altered so that male nurses could be more acceptable too, because I am sure they can do just as good a job as a female nurse.

After all, all nurses are earning an honest living and are a great asset to the medical community.

Incidentally, anyone who is interested to take up nursing as a career can enrol themselves in this rewarding field, which is very much in demand worldwide.  Information about Certified Nursing Assistant programs are available online, where we can check the average salary earned, qualifications needed, skillsets to be possessed and also interview questions.  Also available online are cna training schedules and classes.

Shopping for a career?  This might just be it! :)

An easy web hosting solution

Lately I have been checking out some web hosting packages…thought I’d spread my wings a little.  But after comparing costs, features and whatnot, I have to admit that my current web host, Exabytes, still has the best deals around.

Whether or not you are targeting a personal blog or a full-fledged ecommerce solution, Exabytes certainly gives more bang for the buck!  True, some other web hosts offer stiff competition in terms of freebies and all, but in the long run, you can count on me to fall back on Exabytes for dependability.

I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years now, and I don’t foresee any changes anytime soon!  I’m glad they extended their 8th anniversary promotion too, because it means procrastinators like me can still benefit from the fantastic deals on offer!


The weather out there

The weather in San Jose, California today would probably be similar to that of Arizona’s.  With outdoor temperature forecasted to fall in the range of  80-90°F, I would not blame anyone who thinks that he or she has suddenly been transported to some place else!

Property buyers in California who are targeting amazing  and fine properties like Scottsdale real estate will also be able to somewhat get a *free* preview of what it’s like to live in Arizona before actually deciding for sure that they want to move there.

As for me, I am staying indoors, at least for today…I have got my air conditioning cranked up! :)

Take it from the Web Hosting Geeks!

A friend of mine was recently interested in setting up a website of her own.  She wanted to know how to find the right web host to suit her needs.

I gave her a detailed account of what to look for and some recommendations of my own, but on hindsight, I think I should have just directed her to this very informative web hosting site.  I love it because on the welcome page itself, we can see the Top 10 best web hosts for 2009 at a glance.  There is also a summary provided in tabular manner for easy reference.

And for those who want to learn the ropes of web hosting, trends and products, there is a ton of information handy in their blog too! I found out some interesting information about domain name registration myself! :)

Prescription Glasses without the OUCH to your wallet

Recently, I have been in contact with an optical store nearby to find out my options with regards to my vision plan and coverage.  While I have no problem viewing objects near and far, I do find myself squinting ever-so-slightly sometimes when I am driving at night.  It’s probably the glare from the lights, but I can’t help thinking if I really need to get a proper eye exam done and get a pair of prescription eyeglasses specially for night driving.

The store that I contacted informed me that my insurance plan would cover the cost of the prescription glasses, should I need them, however, for night driving glasses, they recommend the anti-reflective treatment, which costs a whopping $99!

And then I recently stumbled upon this interesting article, which led me to check out Zenni Optical.  And I was truly amazed that they charge only $4.95 for premium anti reflective coating treatment!  That’s a whole lot of savings on my part!  Wow…

So then I got to surfing around the website, just for the fun of it, and found this pair of glasses that caught my eye (no pun intended).

…just because it is pure titanium!  Hah…

Zenni Optical definitely has a variety of choices of glasses for everyone, and at such unbeatable prices, who could ask for more?