Making Normal *Abnormal*

I was shopping for a gift in Royal Sporting House the other day. Yeah, the humongous sale signage attracted me. I have been often disappointed to find that the items that catch my fancy in stores are those that have a tag attached to them that says “Normal Price Merchandise“. Geez… I asked the sales personnel if there were any discounts storewide applicable if I paid using any credit cards or showed them any other shopping card that I had. You see, being the avid shopper that I am, I was determined to get that piece of “Normal Price Merchandise” I found, at a discounted price.

Well well, whaddya know… there was a way to do it. The sales person told me I could just send an SMS to obtain a discount code, which would entitle me to a 15% discount storewide on normal price items. Whooppeeeee! So I sent an SMS to 33665 with the message MY365 RSH. After approximately a 2-minute wait, I received an SMS with a code, gave the code to the cashier and I got my item for 15% off. Plain and simple. Apparently the code can only be used once per transaction, so if you have a ton of stuff to buy, it might be a good idea to buy them all at one shot.

I did a Google search for this offer, and found several other outlets offering discounts via this method too:
Royal Sporting House: Enjoy 15% off on total bill. SMS ‘my365 rsh’ to 33365.
Studio R: Enjoy 15% off on total bill. SMS ‘my365 studior’ to 33365.

Mind you, each discount code received via SMS costs RM1.50, so this is only advantageous if you know you will be saving MORE than RM1.50 using the discount.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect excuse to get that newly arrived Speedo swimsuit, or that long-coveted football jersey! :)