Averine Makeup for Healthy Skin

I love my new makeup! I’m talking about my new Averine foundation and concealer which I bought yesterday. Averine prides itself as being a manufacturer of skincare makeup, conceptualized to nurture and care for the skin without irritation to even the most sensitive or acne-prone skin. Because of this, it is absolutely safe to use these therapeutic Averine products even immediately after a facial because it promotes healthy skin. The Averine brand on the packaging says Averine Paris but on the back of the box, it says Made in Italy, so I am not too sure where it originates from.
Properties of Averine products include:

  • 100% fragrance free – does not cause irritation
  • No mineral oil – prevents milia (oil seeds) and cosmetic acne
  • No lanolin – does not cause irritation
  • Non-comedogenic – does not clog pores
  • Hypoallergenic -safe for sensitive skin


The foundation I purchased was the Satin Smooth Foundation. I was in need of a new foundation and since I tried this one after my facial yesterday, I loved how smooth it felt. I chose the Natural shade which blended flawlessly into my skin. I love that it didn’t feel drying or cakey like some foundations do, and also, I was amazed that I didn’t need to use loose powder to set it in after application. The fun thing about this foundation is that I can opt for sheer, medium or full coverage depending on the occasion. All I had to do was to apply as much as I wanted. And because it contains no mineral oil, I can also safely use it around the eye area.

I was also on the lookout for a concealer and as luck might have it, Averine just launched its latest concealer kit. It comes in a mini foldable case, and contains two pots of concealer shades. There is also a concealer brush provided in the kit. The concept of having two concealer shades is just so we can mix and match to create that perfect shade to conceal imperfections perfectly! I tried it this morning and it works wonders, I tell you! It might look a tad too light at first, especially if you’re trying to conceal dark eye rings, but you can make it natural looking by adding a wee bit of the foundation and voila! You’re all set for that runway! The concealer feels very smooth too, and I attribute it to the Jojoba oils in it, that provides the added moisturizing effect.

This concealer kit retails at RM88 and the foundation is priced at RM158, and can be purchased at all Leonard Drake and Aster Spring outlets in Malaysia. However, since I am a member of Aster Spring, I obtained a 5% discount. Life is great, ain’t it? :)