Going Bananas over Banana Republic

I’ll be the first to admit that over the past two weeks, I have been drawn to come back again and again to the Banana Republic outlet store at the nearby mall.  The gorgeous tops and dresses they had sure played a big role in influencing my decision, and it was also all those signs outside screaming 40% off and 50% off!

But last week, after I made a purchase, I was given this card:


It is such an ingenious idea to get people to come back again to the store.   With this card, every purchase of $25 entitles the holder to a chop.  Collect 4 chops and you get 20% off your future purchase.  So if a particular item is on 40% discount, with this card,  you’ll get 40% + 20% (plus more chops on the card if our purchase is more than $25)!!!

Anyway..here’s where I stand right now:


I redeemed the first 20%, but I still have 2 more 20% offers unredeemed.

It looks like I won’t be able to use them anyway, because I will be leaving California soon :(

Is it any wonder why I’ll miss the shopping here?