My Benefit order has arrived!


I received a surprise package on Friday when I got home.  Well…not exactly a surprise, cuz I was expecting it…BUT I hadn’t expected to receive it this early.

I placed my order with Benefit Cosmetics online on March 20 2010, and I received confirmation that my order had shipped on March 23 2010.  It was expected to arrive sometime toward the tailend of April, but lo and behold, here it is now!  And I am VERY pleased! :)

Not only did everything arrive in perfect condition, I had them all shipped to me free of charge!  Don’t miss out on their next FREE international shipping offer…just become a fan of the Benefit Cosmetics Facebook page.  I used the recent promotion code which entitled me to free international shipping on orders of $85 and above.  (By the way, ALL international orders of $115 and above qualify for free shipping with the coupon code WORLD115 all the time)

They have included 2 free samples with my purchase too:  I got High Beam and Stay Don’t Stray.

I can’t wait to try out my new playthings!

I bid and won a Georgia!

I had wanted to get a blusher for the longest time.  Believe it or not, I had been using those free Clinique blushers that came in their gift packs, and I never finished using them.  Lately, I have gotten lazy and totally omitted the use of blushers completely.

But I recently got myself a new blusher brush from Sonia Kashuk, and I wanted to experiment with it.  It’s probably a good time to do that too, cos I want that hint of color on my cheeks. :)

So when my good friend recommended Benefit’s Georgia, I was intrigued and wanted to try it out immediately.  I knew it was something that I could use because it is supposed to be lightly colored.  I could have very well bought it from the Benefit site for $28, but in a move to inject excitement into my shopping life, I decided to try and get it off ebay.

Photo from Benefit Cosmetics

A quick search on ebay revealed that there were several new ones on sale via auction/bidding.  And I immediately got into the thick of the action.  I had a maximum price set for the item, so I told myself I would not go over that limit.  But bidding on ebay, while exciting as it sounds, can be quite infuriating at times too.  In fact, I lost out on a few chances because I was either not logged in or my decision to NOT bid was not the right one.

Then last week, I saw a brand-new-in-box Benefit Georgia being offered for sale, at the starting bid of $0.99.  I put in my maximum bid a few days later, and prayed that I would win it.  It was important for me to bid on a brand new one though.  I saw a few which were *slightly used* and I didn’t want those!  I had meant to check on the status of my bidding yesterday afternoon, when it was scheduled to end, but I was out the whole day and didn’t manage to.

When I returned home at night, I logged in and lo and behold, I received a message to say that I had won!  In total, I would be paying for a brand new Benefit Georgia at about $10 less than the retail price.  PLUS it will be shipped directly to me.  Oh, and the bidding did not reach the maximum price I had set, so it was a pretty good deal too.

Now, isn’t ebay shopping marvelous? :)

Oh, I know it is probably safer to get it directly from Benefit, but it was really the thrill of bidding and winning that got me going… and it paid off! :)

Now, I’m just waiting for my Georgia to arrive…. *drums fingers on table impatiently*

Benefit Cosmetics 4-Day Free Shipping


This is your chance to get Benefit Cosmetics shipped to your home for free!  For the next 4 days, Benefit Cosmetics is offereing FREE US standard shipping on all orders sitewide, with no minimum purchase.  Just enter the code GIFTSDEC at checkout, and make sure you make your purchase by December 7 2008.

International shoppers, fret not.  You too can get FREE International Shipping when you purchase a minimum of $115.  Just enter the promo code WORLD115 at checkout.

Plus, don’t forget that all orders will come with two free samples.

Happy shopping, gorgeous!