Bravo for Bravado!

My hubby commented that I am now a pro at breastfeeding in public.  When I was a first-time breastfeeding mommy with my firstborn son, I had to use the nursing coverall each time I breastfed in public.  It was either the coverall, or I would have to look for the nearest nursing room, just so I could get some privacy.

With my daughter this time, however, I have breastfed in public in malls, and more often than not, in restaurants, while eating.  That’s multi-tasking at a new level for ya!

True, the second time around makes it easier for me, but I have to give some credit to the nursing apparel I am sporting nowadays too!  Breastfeeding in public has never been easier with the Bravado Essential Nursing Bra Top!


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And here’s why:

  • The bra clasps are one-of-a-kind, making it really easy to unclasp and clasp after breastfeeding.  I can easily do it with one hand, and trust me, this is a great feature that is essential in every nursing top.
  • Because it is a nursing bra top, it obviously comes with a bra in it, and it’s a molded, seamless bra…so I don’t need to wear a separate bra under it.  Some nursing tops claim to come with a built-in bra, but I find that I have had to wear a bra anyways, because of the poor support.  Not with this Bravado Nursing tank, though.  I love to wear just the tank and then layer a sweater over it, so when I nurse in public, it’s totally discreet!
  • The material used for this tank is superb.  It’s made from cotton/spandex fabric that clings wonderfully to the body.  And I love how it contours the shape too.  I now own 3 tank tops which I was wearing all through pregnancy and now when I am breastfeeding.  The tank top does not look at all like a nursing top too!
  • I also love the length of this top, which falls at the hip.  It hides a multitude of sins, especially since I am still carrying some excess fat from pregnancy!
  • Lastly, the tank is available in so many delicious colors, it’s taking me every bit of control to not splurge on a few more!

This Bravado Essential Nursing top is truly an essential in any pregnant/nursing mom’s wardrobe.

Bravado Undies for me!

When I read mott’s lament on throwing out her grandma panties, I couldn’t help but smile, because I, too own a few of these grandma panties.  Truth be knownst, these undies are comfortably comfortable, especially when one is preggers.  Of course, they cannot see the light of day though.

But now that I am pregnant for the second time, I realize that some of these grandma panties have stretched way past their time, and it’s very uncomfortable wearing undies which are loose.

So I hunted for some new maternity panties, and found some in Jaya Jusco going for dirt cheap prices.  Unfortunately some of them had fabric that cut into the skin and did not feel comfortable at all.

Then I discovered Bravado! undies.  I own a few of the Bravado! bras and have only good things to say about them, so I was curious to find out what the fuss was all about the undies.  I promptly ordered a 2-pair pack of the bikini panties from BreakoutBras, based on the lowest price available in the market.  I prefer bikini types because I like my maternity undies to fall below the belly rather than cover it.  So when the undies arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to wash, dry and try them on. 

Now guess what?  These are the most comfortable, softest, move-with-your-body maternity undies I have ever owned!  The elastic band around the waist (or rather below the belly) is of a soft stretchable material that does not leave any marks on your skin.  I cannot imagine going through pregnancy without this staple item in my wardrobe!  In fact, I do wish they came in more colors, so that I have a more varied choice!

Nevertheless, I just could not help NOT placing a second order for these bikini undies!  My order will arrive in a couple of days’ time and I just can’t wait!  Oh, Bravado! undies also come in two other styles, i.e. the maternity briefs (that offer full coverage of the belly) and also the thong (if you are worried about VPLs!).

By the way, BreakoutBras offers free shipping on all US orders regardless of amount and an additional 10% discount on repeat orders!

Bravado! Designs preorder sale!

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Becoming pregnant has opened up a whole new world of shopping possibilities for me.  Although this is my second time expecting, I still find myself tempted to purchase a few more items to supplement what I already own.  Besides indulging in a few pieces of fashionable maternity wear, I was recently informed that Tiny Tapir is currently having a preorder sale for Bravado! designs nursing lingerie.

If you don’t already know, I am a firm believer of providing the best for baby right from birth, and breastfeeding is certainly the way to go.  For me, I am definitely not content with wearing frumpy nursing bras which offer close to no support.  I am very particular about comfort too, when it comes to breastfeeding.  I have heard so much about Bravado bras that I am very excited about this sale that Tiny Tapir is organizing right now.  To me, investing in a few good quality nursing bras and tops will take you a long way in your breastfeeding journey, and so, I am jumping at this opportunity to accentuate my breastfeeding wardrobe.

Best of all, the preorder sale comes with a discount of 10% from the recommended retail price, which works out to be cheaper than if we were to purchase it directly from the States.  The presale ends in 2 days’ time, i.e. September 18 2008, so don’t waste time thinking about it!

Trust me, you will never regret investing in a good nursing bra.