Thumbs down for Clinique at Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair

My Mom recently bought some Clinique stuff at Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall during the Clinique Bonus Time.  For her purchases, she got two sets of the gift pack; pretty good deals if I might say so myself.  One of the items Clinique was promoting in the gift pack was the Youth Surge SPF15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer.

Unfortunately after several applications of this moisturizer, my Mom discovered that her skin felt itchy.  In fact, she has always had an itch reaction to any SPF-related product, but she wanted to try and see if this moisturizer also causes this same reaction. 

In Malaysia, my Mom had also developed an allergic itchy reaction to SPF products, when she used those that came free in Clinique gift packs.  She had returned the products in mention to the Clinique counters and had gotten alternative replacements for them.

Figuring she could do the same here in the US, my Mom took her the two small tubs of  Youth Surge SPF15 Age Decelerating Moisturizer to the same Macy’s counter, but when she explained the situation to the sales personnel, the salesperson said she was not able to replace them with anything else because they were free gifts.  Even after my Mom explained that she could not use the moisturizers because she was allergic to them, the answer was still a firm NO.  The sales personnel even went on to ask my Mom to give the moisturizers away to someone who could use them.

That definitely left a very bad impression, for not only did my Mom not get the customer service expected, the Clinique sales person did not even bother compensating for the trouble we took to try and exchange the product samples.  I mean, how hard was it to just give my Mom some OTHER samples, for the sake of maintaining good customer relations?

My Mom has now decided to take the moisturizer back to the Clinique counter in Malaysia to see if it can be exchanged for something else, but seriously, all this trouble could have been avoided had the Clinique sales personnel at Macy’s been a little more customer-focused.

Clinique Bonus Time at Macy’s

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I was at Macy’s yesterday afternoon, just for the Macy’s Clinique Bonus Time.  I don’t use Clinique but my Mom does and she’s here visiting at the right time.  The Clinique Bonus Time just started April 5th and ends April 19th.

I’ll have to admit that I was really tempted to get something from Clinique yesterday too, just to score myself one of the gift sets.  The Blushwear Cream Stick was the one item in the gift pack that was calling out to me, simply because I have not owned a cream blush before.  But I restrained myself :P

…although all is not lost because my Mom gave me one of the two Blushwear Cream Sticks.  Hurrah!  I can’t wait to use it!

Clinique Bonus Time at Nordstrom

Years ago, when I was an ardent fan of Clinique products, I would take every opportunity I have to grab some products in the States whenever they had a Clinique Bonus Time event.  This is not your regular free gift in Malaysia, when all you get are sample sizes.  Most of the products they give are the full-sized ones.  And the minimum purchase is very minimum indeed.

You can bet I spent quite a fortune on Clinique products.  Well, enough to accumulate a collection a lipsticks, so much so that I could even give some away, and still have a stash to be used.

Anyway, I have since stopped using Clinique but you know, something at Nordstrom is begging me to go take a look at the Clinique counter again.  From now till November 22, there is a Nordstron exclusive Clinique Bonus Time event where you will get the following free gift pack with any purchase of $25 or more!  That’s very easy to hit, with maybe just one or two products!


That Trina Turk cosmetic bag is looking rather chic too, I might add.  And I do so need a new one myself.