A pair of Crocs to call my own

Before I left Malaysia for a relocation assignment in the States, I wanted to get a pair of CROCS™ for my own comfort especially while travelling.  Unfortunately, they did not have my size in the CROCS™  design I was eyeing, which was by the way, the Mary Jane-like CROCS™  RX line.

When I came to the States, I chanced upon several stalls and stores in the mall selling CROCS™ but after trying on a few pairs of shoes, I was still unconvinced that these were comfortable enough for me.  Yes, I am fussy that way.

However, that all changed yesterday when my hubby and I were in the mall.  The CROCS™ store was on sale, and there were bins marked with the price tag $4.99 on them.  There was a box near the entrance that caught my eye immediately because I saw some flats, and I have been hunting for a nice pair of flats for like forever.

The pre-sale price on the flats was $9.99 but because it was President’s Day, the price was further slashed to $4.99 only.  I could resist it no further and got a Ruby Red pair of CROCSâ„¢ Prima, that comes with the tagline “add some twinkle to your toes”.

For $4.99 plus tax, this was indeed the buy of the moment for me. :)

The CROCSâ„¢ Prima retails for USD19.99 online in the US, and a whopping RM119 in Malaysia.

I do not know if this pair of shoes would be comfortable in the long run, but hey, for the price I paid, I was willing to take the risk, wouldn’t you?  And if they hold up long enough, well, I just might find myself visiting that CROCSâ„¢ store again in the near future! :)