Exclusive Dermalogica Giveaway Winner


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I’m so sorry for the delayed results of the Exclusive Dermalogica Giveaway which I ran at the start of the month.  Been busy running around getting things done, but of course I didn’t forget…how could I? :)

Well, thanks to everyone who took part in this giveaway.  It was certainly a great way to start the month, and I hope everyone had fun too!

Here are the results you have been waiting for:
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May starts with a Dermalogica giveaway!

May is upon us..how swiftly time flies huh?  And May is always a month of celebrations…we have got Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day and my Mom’s birthday falls in May too!

Now what better way to kick off the merry month of May by having an exclusive giveaway? :)

Sounds good?
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My beloved Dermalogica toner

One of my most worthwhile investments in Dermalogica products is the Dermalogica Soothing Protection Spray.  I bought this bottle in December 2007, and look, I still have about 20% of the bottle left.  I bought it because it was the perfect toner to be used in an air-conditioned environment and given the fact that I was exposed to air-conditioning almost the whole day long, I gave it a go.

I use just one spritz of the toner every morning and night after I cleanse my face.  I don’t even need to use facial cotton.  It’s so simple just to spray it onto my palms and pat it onto my face.  My skin feels refreshed and moisturized, not tight and dry like the effect some toners produce.

Once opened, the toner can last 24 months, and frankly, I think it just MIGHT last that long!

I can’t even remember the exact price I bought it for, but it must have been about RM100+ or so.  Truth is, for the price I paid, it has definitely been a worthwhile investment.  This product not only works, it is VALUE for money!

If you are a Dermalogica user or if you have always wanted to try Dermalogica products, watch this space for an awesome chance to win yourself some Dermalogica products soon! :)

Dermalogica Products – here’s where you get them!

If you’re a Dermalogica user like me, you would know that the prices of the products have escalated since sometime in the year 2008.  And in times of financial turmoil such as these, it really burns a hole in our designer handbags and purses because these skincare products are essential to us, and whether we like it or not, we need to purchase them.

I have been purchasing my Dermalogica products from whatgreatskin.com for sometime now, simply because the prices are cheaper than those in Malaysia, PLUS I am in the US right now, and that really is one of the main deciding factors.

A few weeks ago, one of my readers, iamthewitch, who is also a Dermalogica user, pointed me to a site selling Dermalogica products at VERY reasonable prices.  Simply named Your Skin Care Source, the owners of this site is based in Virginia, USA.

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Dermalogica from whatgreatskin.com

Here’s the loot I got from whatgreatskin.com!

Remember I said I requested for many samples when I made my purchase with them? Well, I didn’t get all of them, but I am still elated, nonetheless…look how generous they were with the samples! Some are even new products that have not been launched in Malaysia yet!

This is definitely a great site to shop for VERY affordable Dermalogica products at a VERY very special price! Yay me!