Review: The Dr Hippo Series

I had the honor of reviewing the lovely collection of children’s books from the Dr Hippo series recently.  There are currently five books in the entire collection, and each book tells the story of a young animal character falling ill, and what he/she does to get better, all thanks to a friendly pediatrician fondly known as Dr Hippocrates, or in short Dr Hippo.

  • The Moose with Loose Poops
  • Peeper Has a Fever
  • Sadie’s Sore Throat
  • Katie Caught a Cold
  • The Little Elephant with the Big Earache


Unlike most children’s books which always have happy, healthy characters, these stories, wriiten by Dr Charlotte Cowan, a board certified pediatrician, provide kids with the real truth that we all do get sick at some point in our lives, but most importantly Dr Cowan stresses that we get better after that, if we follow doctor’s orders.


Serving the mission of the Dr Hippo series to write age-appropriate stories for sick children that entertain, educate and reassure both parent and child and to provide guides for parents which answer common questions, offering advice about when to call or visit the doctor and how to comfort the child at home, these books are definitely a great educational resource for the entire family.

My three-year-old son is now crazy over these books!  He loves the colorful illustrations, the stories and the characters in them.  In fact, he learnt the term “loose poops” from reading them too!

The language used in these books provide for a smooth story-telling, although it would be advantageous to the parent to read the story first.  I also like the fact that for temperature readings in some of the books, Dr Cowan gave both the readings in Centigrade and Fahrenheit, so it’s applicable worldwide.


These very educational books all come with a handy laminated parents’ guide at the back sleeve of the book.  They serve as excellent reference for parents who want to know the nitty-gritty of their child’s illness and what to do.  You know what?  My hubby and I learnt that ice cream and popsicles are good to ease sore throats!!


My son and I have enjoyed reading the Dr Hippo series tremendously.  And if you have kids at home, this definitely ought to be in your book collection.  The Dr Hippo collection is available online through Amazon.

And oh by the way, do check out Dr Hippo’s blog too!

All photos credited to The Hippocratic Press.