I bid and won a Georgia!

I had wanted to get a blusher for the longest time.  Believe it or not, I had been using those free Clinique blushers that came in their gift packs, and I never finished using them.  Lately, I have gotten lazy and totally omitted the use of blushers completely.

But I recently got myself a new blusher brush from Sonia Kashuk, and I wanted to experiment with it.  It’s probably a good time to do that too, cos I want that hint of color on my cheeks. :)

So when my good friend recommended Benefit’s Georgia, I was intrigued and wanted to try it out immediately.  I knew it was something that I could use because it is supposed to be lightly colored.  I could have very well bought it from the Benefit site for $28, but in a move to inject excitement into my shopping life, I decided to try and get it off ebay.

Photo from Benefit Cosmetics

A quick search on ebay revealed that there were several new ones on sale via auction/bidding.  And I immediately got into the thick of the action.  I had a maximum price set for the item, so I told myself I would not go over that limit.  But bidding on ebay, while exciting as it sounds, can be quite infuriating at times too.  In fact, I lost out on a few chances because I was either not logged in or my decision to NOT bid was not the right one.

Then last week, I saw a brand-new-in-box Benefit Georgia being offered for sale, at the starting bid of $0.99.  I put in my maximum bid a few days later, and prayed that I would win it.  It was important for me to bid on a brand new one though.  I saw a few which were *slightly used* and I didn’t want those!  I had meant to check on the status of my bidding yesterday afternoon, when it was scheduled to end, but I was out the whole day and didn’t manage to.

When I returned home at night, I logged in and lo and behold, I received a message to say that I had won!  In total, I would be paying for a brand new Benefit Georgia at about $10 less than the retail price.  PLUS it will be shipped directly to me.  Oh, and the bidding did not reach the maximum price I had set, so it was a pretty good deal too.

Now, isn’t ebay shopping marvelous? :)

Oh, I know it is probably safer to get it directly from Benefit, but it was really the thrill of bidding and winning that got me going… and it paid off! :)

Now, I’m just waiting for my Georgia to arrive…. *drums fingers on table impatiently*

My sweet stretch oil deal


I simply LOVE shopping on ebay!  I find myself getting amazing stuff for much much less than retail prices, and it’s really tempting NOT to keep shopping for more.

So I received my Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil today!  I used two bottles of this stretch oil during my first pregnancy and have nothing but good things to say about it.  The scent is heavenly, light and not intoxicating, and it did actually help me sleep better.  Even more importantly, it helped eased the itch I experienced on my belly when it stretched, and helped prevent stretch marks.  For my second pregnancy, I thought I could do away with stretch oils, because I wanted to save a buck or two.  Besides, I was already using a moisturizing body lotion that worked to drive away the itch. 

But how wrong I was!  Several days ago, I read that moisturizing lotions do help to ease the itch, but they don’t do anything to prevent stretch marks.  So I had to go hunting for this same stretch oil that had served me faithfully the first time I got pregnant.  The online store I purchased it from the last time did not carry it anymore, and so I hunted high and low on the internet till I ended up on ebay.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that a 4fl oz bottle of the stretch oil was being auctioned on ebay at only $10, when it retails for almost $25!  I instantly placed my bid for $10.50, with about 8 hours left on the auction, and the next morning, I was overjoyed to find out I was the winning bidder!  Woohoo!

I made the payment by PayPal, and waited patiently for the stretch oil to arrive.  My prayers for it to arrive before the Thanksgiving holidays were answered when I saw the package in my mailbox this afternoon.  Hurray for ebay!

But seriously, every pregnant momma should have a bottle of this handy. I can’t wait to slather this on tonight! :)

Shopping on eBay

Photo Credits

And no…I don’t mean physically shopping on a street named eBay of course!

While I have been an eBay member for a very long time, I had not ventured into eBay shopping until recently.  I was of course tempted by certain eBay sellers offering their items for a really low price, and also the lure of something known as FREE SHIPPING.  Most of the sellers do not offer free shipping of course, but I like to look for those that do.

Here are a few tips and pointers I used while I did my eBay shopping, all from the comfort of my computer chair at home.

  • Shopping on eBay is something not to be taken lightly, because first of all, we need to verify that the seller is a trustworthy one.  We wouldn’t want that person to run away with our hard-earned cash now, would we?  All eBay sellers have something called a feedback rating, where you can read all about other buyers’ experience with the said seller.  You will then be able to gauge if the seller is prompt in delivery of goods, or if the items are in good condition, for example.
  • Next, we need to ensure the price we pay is worth it.  For example, make sure the item is the exact model you want and if you are looking for a new item, make sure it is not a secondhand one. 
  • Most of the eBay sellers I contacted responded rather promptly the first time, but some of them, unfortunately, stopped corresponding once I asked a few more questions.  I most certainly didn’t want to deal with sellers like that!
  • Almost all eBay sellers prefer payment made via PayPal, so it would definitely help if you have a PayPal account handy.
  • eBay has a feature called a Watch list, where you can mark selected items for *watching*.  This way, you will be able to keep track of the items you had in mind, make comparisons, and be informed if the seller relists or changes the price of the item.  A very handy tool, I would say, when there are tons of stuff up for sale on eBay.

Well, I am happy to say that I am very pleased with my maiden purchase on eBay, albeit I discovered that the price of that exact same item was further discounted on Amazon a couple of days after I bought it.  SIGH.  C’est la vie!

I am intrigued by the bidding process on eBay, and although I have not tried that out yet, I just might, one of these days!