Shop at IKEA tax-free!

Upon arrival in California, and in my tired, weary state as we drove from San Francisco to San Jose using the US-101 freeway, something familiar on the left caught my eye.  The blue and yellow building was hard to miss.  YES.  We have IKEA here.

Even better, it was just about 20 minutes’ drive away from where we are staying.

Temptation beckons, indeed.

And since we arrived, we have only been there ONCE.  There is ample parking space, and the layout is similar to the Mutiara Damansara one, right from the two-level building to the escalators leading to the main entrance.

I was also surprised to note that most of the items were cheaper than those in Malaysia.  At least the items we were eyeing, that is.

Well, this weekend, we just might make our second visit to IKEA.  Know why?


This means a grand savings of 8.25% from the total purchase.  The only thing I will be dreading (if we do go) is probably the crowd.

The Sale at Ikea

Boohoohoo… I am gonna miss out on the Ikea sale which starts in just TWO days!  Nevertheless, I did manage to get myself some goodies from Ikea when I was shopping there last weekend.  It’s amazing how I never manage to come out of Ikea empty-handed.  Love the Ikea Samla storage boxes…hubby says they are to be used for all my STUFF. :P

Got ourselves two new bathroom mats too…would have gotten more stuff had we not had the constraints of carting them home. 

I have to say this though…shopping in Ikea on a Monday is a BREEZE!  There was practically no one around, and the aisles were so easy to navigate through.  I bet it will be a totally different scenario come this Thursday!