Waste not with Kids Konserve (and get a 10% discount)


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Kids Konserve is dedicated to providing reusable equipment, especially food storage containers, bags and cutlery that promote the waste-free mentality.  Anyone who is environmentally conscious would welcome the items available at the  Kids Konserve store.  Not only do the designs look exceptionally pleasing to the eye, the products are very useful and 100% reusable.  Who says it ain’t easy to save the environment? :)

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From lunch kits to party cutlery to tiffins, this is definitely a great alternative for someone who wants an absolutely  *green* lunch! In fact, those who are regular bento packers might want to consider investing in one of these containers too, for their bentos!

Do check out Kids Konserve Blog too, for tips and information on how we can be kinder to our environment.  Everyone can make a difference if we just take that extra step. :)

So have fun checking out the stuff at the Kids Konserve store!  And from now till May 31st 2009, I am so pleased that Kids Konserve is giving all Kaki Shopping readers a 10% discount on all products in its store.  Simply enter the coupon code bento to redeem it.

Happy shopping, and remember…a little goes a long way in saving our environment!