Rosken for cracked heels

I am a long term sufferer of cracked heels, and believe you me, I have tried everything.  Well, almost… At one point, I even resorted to slathering on THICK lotion and wearing socks to sleep.  Worked for a while, then when I got tired and lazy of wearing socks, the cracked heels came back to haunt me.

Hence it was with great interest that I read Pinkelle’s review on Rosken’s Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream.  She claims it works wonders within 2 weeks to a month.  And since I had tried everything, including those creams specially targeted for cracked heels (but did not work), I bought myself a tub of Rosken’s when I stopped by the pharmacy.  After all, what had I got to lose?

I have been using it every night (almost!) for about a month now, and I am happy to say that this cream really does work!  It’s not as thick as those other creams for cracked heels, but this one does its job well.  I normally rub it on my legs after my shower…okay, I TRY to remember to do it, and right before I hit the sack, I rub some on my heels and feet, and also some on my hands.  See, this cream is so versatile you can use it all over your body!

I especially liked the effects of applying the cream after the fish spa foot therapy I had, though it would have felt even better had I applied it IMMEDIATELY after the therapy and not wait a few hours after.

But I digress.

Rosken is definitely the Dry Skin Specialist they claim to be, and a tub of this cream retails at just RM25.70.  I’m quoting the price from Guardian Pharmacy, but you can get it anywhere.  In fact, I happened to take a brochure back from Guardian just yesterday, and found out that Rosken now has a Skin Repair Feet & Heel Balm (RRP: RM23.90).

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it has quite a light scent that does not overwhelm like some of the other creams I have used.  Another reason why I think this is so good.  Thanks for the fantastic recommendation, Pinkelle!