Got my Rumparooz at an amazing discount!


Hurrah!  I got my Rumparooz diaper at an amazing discount of 30% off retail price.  Tiny Tapir is currently running a clearance sale on all Rumparooz cloth diapers.  So…yay for all cloth diapering mommies and daddies out there. 

Solid colors (snaps and aplix) are on sale at 30% off and patterned designs (snaps and aplix) are priced at 20% off retail.  Can’t get any lower than that, I’m sure.

I’m gonna prewash mine soon, so I can start using them on my daughter.  And if I love them after I use them, I might just get a few more! 

Have you gotten yours yet?

Hop around in a pair of Rumparooz!


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…or rather, get your kid to do it!

Tiny Tapir has just added this word into my vocabulary of cloth diapering: Rumparooz.

The all-new 2nd generation of Rumparooz, aptly called Rumparooz G2, supposedly has improved features from its predecessor, which can fit a baby from 6.5lbs to 35+lbs.  Now I have not yet tried the Rumparooz, but from all the stuff I have been reading about it, it sounds like a pretty awesome diaper.  This particular statement caught my full attention:

Rump•a•rooz® is the ONLY cloth diaper on the market that has been uniquely designed to contain the messiest of messes. The inside of each diaper is designed with 2 gentle internal gussets that channel each leg.

Available in a rainbow of colors, the Rumparooz G2 retails for RM105.00 each, but if you want to try your hand at winning one of these, stop by the Tiny Tapir blog and checkout the Rumparooz G2 giveaway!