My Sonia Kashuk indulgence


A couple of weeks ago, my good galpal who knows a thing or two about good makeup and beauty essentials contacted me to ask if I would help to order some makeup items for her from the US.  That’s when I was introduced to the Sonia Kashuk brand.

Call it temptation or plain ol’ friendly influence, several hours of browsing around later, I decided to try out a few items myself too, and ordered them all together.  Well, all of the items arrived safely as of yesterday and they looked as cute as a button!

I ordered the items from Target online, taking advantage of the FREE SHIPPING offer for purchases above $50.  And here’s what I got for myself:

I bought the flat blusher brush because it had rave reviews from everyone and I didn’t own a blusher brush yet, so I figured this was as good a time as any to get one.  Plus the handle of the brush certainly looked interesting.  Check out the contours!  I also realized that I have not been using a blush for goodness knows how long.  Blame it on tardiness or just plain not having enough time.  Well, now that I have a brand new blusher brush, I have the perfect excuse to get myself a decent blush :)

As for the blending sponge, first of all, doesn’t it look so very cute?  I had long abandoned the use of sponges for applying foundation, simply because I found it a hassle to wash the sponge.  I used to use the regular triangular-shaped sponges and I found I could not really grasp them well enough.  So I switched to using my fingers instead.  But then this lil blue blending sponge is reputed to be a great knockoff version of the Beautyblender.  At a fraction of the price, the Sonia Kashuk sponge was definitely worth a try.

I decided to try applying my liquid foundation with the Sonia Kashuk blending sponge this morning, and I was amazed that it really gave a flawless finish on the face.  However, it did take me a tad longer to apply my makeup, and I did use more foundation, simply because the sponge itself absorbs some of the foundation, but my face feels and looks good after that.  I haven’t found a good solution to cleaning the sponge yet, so I am just using water for now.  Let’s see if I’ll use it every day.  And even if I don’t, I will definitely use it for special occasions, because just by dabbing and bouncing the foundation off my skin, it does the job pretty well.  

In all honesty though, the blue sponge does lend an interesting look to my dressing table now as I am air-drying it.  Teehee.