Happy shopping at The Body Shop

I love shopping in The Body Shop, because I always walk out feeling like I have done my share for the environment. The Body Shop is also against animal testing, so I have no qualms about using their environmentally-friendly products. There were a few times where I was slightly unhappy with my shopping experience there, mainly because of the staff’s attitude, but that did not deter me from returning, because they sell awesome products at reasonable prices. Anyway, the staff’s attitude is not what I wanna report here.

Last Friday, I visited The Body Shop because I needed to get myself some moisturizer. My Dermalogica one is finishing, and since I don’t have any means of ordering from US cheap in the next few weeks, I thought of getting one from The Body Shopin the interim. Besides, I needed to make up enough points for my membership at The Body Shop before it expires in July, in order to qualify for a RM35 product voucher.

So I waltzed into the shop, told them I needed an intensive moisturizing moisturizer (what a mouthful!), and ended up getting the Vitamin E set. The set was on promotion for 10% off, and it was coincidentally approximately the amount I needed to make up the additional points for the voucher. I tried the cleanser and the moisturizer and I loved how it felt on my skin, so…

I was also glad that The Body Shop was having a Kick the Bag Habit campaign, which encourages shoppers to refuse the bags given to them whenever they shop. For every time you refuse a shopping bag, RM0.50 will be donated to the Save the Belum-Temengor campaign. Boy, was I glad I was carrying a rolled-up Envirosax in my handbag with me that day, so I whipped it out proudly and told the salesperson that I don’t need a bag :)

And another piece of good news is that for the month of June, when you bring in your old empty The Body Shop bottles for recycling, you’ll get 10% off that same item! I have always brought my old bottles from The Body Shop for recycling, and now there’s an even better reason to do so!

Every sen counts nowadays, as times are certainly not good.