Go green fashionably (and a Giveaway!)

For the sake of our Mother Earth, I try my best to be as good an advocate for environmental awareness as I can.  Oh, I recycle cans and plastic containers, try my best to use reusable bags and use cloth items instead of paper whenever I can.

Now, most women carry at least a pack or two of tissues in their handbags, and I have to admit I do too.  But what would you say if there was a fashionable alternative to tissue packs? :)

Cloth wipes are beginning to pave their way into our lives now, and besides being extremely absorbent and soft to the touch, they really look good!  Well, you can choose from millions of designs out there from a ton of different brands of wipes.  Cloth wipes started out as a *greener* alternative to diaper wet wipes, because they are gentler on baby’s skin and because they are reusable.  But methinks could also use them as a luxurious hanky.  I tell you, you will not believe it till you try it!

Out of all the cloth wipes, Wahmies Multi-Purpose Cloth Wipes have proven to be a favorite amongst many cloth wipes fanatics out there.  Each cloth wipe is 8″ x 8″ and consists of 1 layer of 100% organic cotton flannel print on the top and 1 layer of soft 100% organic cotton sherpa on the bottom.  You don’t know softness till you’ve experienced the softness of sherpa, I can assure you!

I myself have a stash of cloth wipes from different brands, and I can tell you that Wahmies wipes are by far the thickest and hardiest of the lot.  To top it off, they are so pretty too!  Check out all the gorgeous designs at Mia Bambina today.  The wipes retail for RM5.50 each.

…or would you want to try your hand at winning a prize in our Exclusive Wipes Giveaway?
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